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rise of 3d-printed handguns and illegally assembled firearms sparks call for senate inquiry

by:QUESTT     2020-05-27
The new state police released the vision, demonstrating the process of making pistols and testing weapons with 3D printers. Creating guns . . .
The handle was made by a $20,000 3D laser printer.
Source: explosion of hi-News Co. , Ltd.
Technology pistols and illegally assembled guns manufactured by 3D printers will be the subject of a new round of federal repression.
The Greens and Labor Party will join forces today to set up a Senate investigation mechanism to investigate whether current legal and police resources are sufficient to cope with advances in the use of gun technology by organized criminal groups.
The move comes as police warn that new temporary pistols are growing and the United Nations has expressed concern overnight about the supply of 3D guns
Printing technology between criminals and terrorists.
Australia was also named the fourth-largest importer of authorized guns and ammunition by a global report yesterday, with experts warning that some of these legal guns are falling into the hands of criminals.
Green Party Senator Penny Wright, who drafted the terms of reference for the investigation, said it was vital for Parliament to review illegal firearms
\"Because there are too many guns --
Related tragedies in Australia \".
3D gun: 3D gun successfully launched. . .
Made from the Internet with a 3D printer is the size of a small pistol, weighs only 300 grams, and the scanner cannot detect it.
Source: Senator Wright said News Limited \"almost all illegal guns are legal weapons . \".
\"The Investigation is investigating how illegal gun trading works;
\"Who\'s behind the scenes, how they work, what can we do,\" she said . \".
A spokesman for Labor justice spokesman David Feeney confirmed that the opposition would support the dollar\'s efforts to call for an investigation.
\"For the Senate committee, this is a good time to evaluate the national firearms administration law, especially with an eye on how new or emerging technologies affect our regulatory regime, and whether there are any unforeseen consequences or adverse anomalies in our existing laws, \"said Mr. Feeney\'s office. Easy to make . . .
3D guns made on the Internet
Source: Senator Wright will send a notice today that the Green party will ask the Senate to appoint a committee on legal and constitutional affairs to review the matter.
In addition to investigating new gun technologies, the Commission will look into how many illegal guns are in Australia and whether stricter gun control laws are needed.
Pushing forward the Senate inquiry comes as the Small Arms Survey is a global report released yesterday on the occasion of the United Nations Forum on combating the illicit trade in small arms and light weapons, australia is the largest importer of small arms and ammunition after the United States, Canada and Germany. Creating guns . . .
The handle was made by a $20,000 3D laser printer.
Source: This year, Australia imported sports and hunting rifles, military guns, shotguns and other small arms worth at least $0. 197 billion --
More than Britain, France and Italy.
Many of the guns imported are used by defense, police forces and other government agencies, while others are privately imported for sports or hunting purposes.
But the Australian Institute of crime reports about 1500 legal guns are stolen every year.
Australian Attorney General Michael Keenan said Australia has \"the strictest gun laws in the world \".
\"Guns and ammunition can only be imported by someone who has obtained proper permission and has real reasons and needs,\" Mr Keenan said . \".
New weapons: 3D printing: originally used for industrial design and construction, 3D printers can now produce small guns made of polymer and metal components: in so-
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