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Automatic UV Laser marking machine well packed for shipping

Automatic UV Laser marking machine well packed for shipping


QA-UV3M is a sealed box type UV laser marking machine that working for very precision products.

We design and made a automatic system to offer higher effciency.

The whole working area is covered with a sealed boxes, thus, it is much better to protect you during working time, especially design for high level safety demands countries in Europe and American .

The UV laser device adopt diode pump laser as the pump source, end-pump fiber coupling, high power output, long use life time, easy to maintenance, internal heatsink air cooling, ensure stable laser output, can be long time continuous working.Clean lab package, TEM00 base mode output(M2<1.2),can achieve single and remote RS232 computer control, outside GATE control, outside TTL and PWM control.

Today we just make well packed one UV laser Marker system and delivered to Netherland.


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