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Laser Cladding, also known as laser cladding or laser cladding, is a new surface modification technology. By adding cladding material on the surface of the base material and using high energy density laser beam to melt and solidify together with the thin layer on the surface of the base material, a cladding layer with metallurgical bonding material is formed on the surface of the base material.
Technological methods for improving the surface properties of mechanical parts and components, fatigue strength and wear resistance. Surface strengthening can sometimes improve corrosion resistance. The surface of parts subjected to loads is usually in the state of maximum stress and works in different medium environments. Therefore, the failure and failure of parts mostly occur on or from the surface, such as introducing a certain residual compressive stress on the surface of parts, increasing surface hardness, improving surface structure, etc., can significantly improve the fatigue strength and wear resistance of parts.


laser cladding

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