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1KW High Precision Fiber Laser Cutter to Finland

1KW High Precision Fiber Laser Cutter to Finland


Questt laser just produced one high precision laser cutting machine with 1000W Raycust laser source for Finland Customer.

We will finish packing and shipping by sea next week.

In order to protect the operators during cutting,  the laser cutter has equiped with a sealed working table,which suitable for Europen safety standard, much safer for working. Better choice for customers who hav higher safety level.

It can zarry on non-contact cutting on metal sheet, pipe, especially for stainless steel, sttel plate,diomond saw blades and othermetal materials, it has excellent processiong for the various high-brittle hard alloys. In the lines of hardware and metal sheet industries, laser cutting technology can be partially replace the line cutting.

The laser cutter is a special cutting machine, which is suitable for stainless steel,carbon steel, Copper, Aluminum, Mo to cut and punch, the cutting speed and incision are both high level, CN programe,can process any graphics and text, running stably, good processing quality, high efficiency, good precision, easy operation, convinient maintenance.


1. High-performance laser source with good beam quality, high power stability;

2. Professional cutting software, multi-level authority operation, convenient for production management

3. Application of gantry structure and integrated cast cross-girder to achieve higher rigidity, stability, shock resistance.

4. X,Y axis Liner motor and Guider for precision cutting.

5. The cutting precision of the whole machine is ±25um, the equipment stability is high, CPK>1.33.

7.The software has graphics nesting and sharp corner smoothing processing functions, which can realize high-speed cutting, punching, and marking functions.

8.The optical path of the whole machine is conducted by optical fiber, the external optical path is maintenance-free, and the consumption of easy loss is very small.

Data sheet:

Laser output power1000W
Laser wavelength1080 nm
Laser mediumGlass fiber with rate-earth element
Laser Source

Fiber Laser Source 1000W Raycus

Max running speed50 m/min
Input electric power for laser≤10KW
Max cutting thickness0.1-3mm according to material
Cutting Area600mm×600 mm
Type of coolingWater cooling
Drive modeServo motor
Transmission modeLinear motor
CNC control SystemCypcut
Laser Cutting HeadRaytool Switzerland BM110
Continuous working time24 hours
InterfaceUSB, RJ45, RS232
Operating Sation17” LCD Display Control Panel
Power supply380V/50HZ/16A
Contour dimension1900mm×1550 mm×1850 mm


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