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Algeria customer visited our factory on June 28

Algeria customer visited our factory on June 28


On June 28, we had the pleasure of hosting a customer from Algeria who visited our laser cutting machine factory. This visit is part of his mission to explore new technology of laser cutting machine and establish business relationship with our company.

Our company introduced our advanced laser technology to client, and he was very interested in it. Our team of experts explains the process of laser cutting and how it has revolutionized manufacturing.

During the visit, the customer visited our factory in an all-round way, showing the whole process of laser cutting from material preparation to final cutting process. They were impressed with the efficiency, speed and precision of the cutting machine.

Also showed our laser welding machine, laser cleaning machine, laser marking machine to customers.

Overall, the visit was a great success, and customers expressed their satisfaction and appreciation for our advanced technology and warm reception. We look forward to strengthening our business ties with our Algerian customers and creating a brighter future together.


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