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The principle and application trend of laser hybrid cleaning technology

The principle and application trend of laser hybrid cleaning technology


With the continuous development of technology, new directions and trends have emerged in the field of laser cleaning. Among them, laser hybrid cleaning technology is a new development direction of composite pulse laser and high-power semiconductor laser cleaning technology.

Pulse laser-semiconductor laser hybrid cleaning technology avoids the shortcomings and deficiencies of single cleaning, and has the advantages of improving cleaning quality, increasing cleaning efficiency, stabilizing the cleaning process, and being suitable for cleaning highly reflective materials.

The principle of laser hybrid cleaning

The advantage of laserhybrid cleaning is that the continuous laser and pulsed laser are functionally composited at the same time to form a processing characteristic of 1+1>2. The principle is mainly through the semiconductor continuous laser as the heat conduction output, so that the attachment to be cleaned absorbs energy to generate vaporization and plasma cloud, and forms a thermal expansion pressure between the metal material and the attachment, reducing the bonding force between the two layers. When the pulsed laser outputs a high-energy pulsed laser beam, the generated vibration shock wave will cause the attachments with weak bonding force to be directly separated from the metal surface, thereby achieving rapid laser cleaning.

Advantages of laser hybrid cleaning

Apply to the cleaning of thicker coating materials. Due to the large energy output of a single laser with multiple pulses, the high cost of high-power pulsed lasers limits the laser cleaning of thick coating materials, and the use of pulsed laser-semiconductor laser composite cleaning can quickly and effectively improve the cleaning quality, and the substrate is not easy Causes damage, so it is suitable for cleaning thicker coating materials.

Apply to laser cleaning of high reflective materials such as aluminum alloy. Single laser cleaning aluminum alloy and other surface oxide layers has problems such as high reflectivity. However, pulse laser-semiconductor laser combined cleaning is used to increase the energy absorption rate of the metal surface oxide layer due to the role of semiconductor laser thermal transmission, making pulse laser The beam can peel off the oxide layer faster, thereby more effectively improving the removal efficiency.

Laser hybrid cleaning application field

Laser hybrid cleaning can be applied to the cleaning of thick coatings and strong adhesion attachments. It can remove resin, paint, oil, stains, dirt, rust, coatings, coatings and oxide layers on the surface of objects. It is widely used in the industry and covers ships. , Auto repair, rubber molds, high-end machine tools, track and environmental protection, etc.

Laser hybrid cleaning application case

01Examples of rail transit industry:

Train wheel set

news-The principle and application trend of laser hybrid cleaning technology-QUESTT-img

02 Examples of high-speed rail industry:

Wheelset shaft laser hybrid cleaning


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