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Fiber laser source EVERFOTON

Fiber laser source EVERFOTON


After more than ten years of technical accumulation, EVERFOTON's rare earth doping technology has reached the international leading level. In 2018, it took the lead in developing three-cladding active optical fibers in China, and has the large-scale production capacity of double-cladding and three-cladding active optical fibers. The output power of active fiber continues to increase. At present, the stable output power of a single fiber of ytterbium-doped fiber is as high as 6kW, leading the technological development of the industry.

With more than 30 years of accumulated PCVD platform and technological advantages, EVERFOTON has built a laser passive fiber manufacturing platform with the largest production capacity, perfect technology and products in China, and realized the large-scale production of a full range of fiber laser passive fiber products. In recent years, EVERFOTON has rapidly launched a number of new products such as ring fiber, homogenized fiber, super-large core diameter fiber, polarization-maintaining passive fiber, etc. The products fully demonstrate the technical advantages of the PCVD platform and EVERFOTON's rapid response and customization capabilities for industrial applications.

EVERFOTON masters the key technologies of pump packaging, grating, beam combiner, QBH and other laser core devices and components, laying a solid foundation for high-quality, high-performance fiber lasers. The pump source is advanced in design, realizes lightweight and miniaturized high-power output, and has built an automated production platform. It has built an automated UV write grid and an ultra-fast femtosecond write grid platform, and launched the highest single-cavity 5kW-class high-power grating and high-efficiency Power femtosecond gratings, Raman suppression gratings and other high-reliability grating products, and have the ability to customize development of various types of gratings.

EVERFOTON's vertical integration advantages of the entire industry chain and leading technical strength ensure the high quality of fiber lasers and enable YOFC to provide differentiated and customized fiber laser solutions, including a variety of optional wavelengths, different Beam modes and diversified fiber laser solutions such as quasi-continuous, narrow linewidth, and ultrashort pulses.

EVERFOTON maintains a leading position in the miniaturization, lightweight and portability of lasers, and has developed a 500W portable air-cooled high-brightness laser weighing only 10kg, and an air-cooled kilowatt-class backpack laser handheld welding machine suitable for outdoor applications. products to carry.

At present, EVERFOTON has formed a series of fiber laser solutions with power ranging from 100 watts to 10,000 watts, covering sheet metal cutting, new energy battery welding, metal 3D printing, laser cladding, laser cleaning and many other subdivisions.

In the future, EVERFOTON will give full play to the advantages of vertical integration of the entire industry chain, create high-quality, differentiated and intelligent laser application solutions with ingenuity, and devote itself to benefiting people's lives with leading optical technology.

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