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Mechanical "beautician" -Laser cleaning system debuts at Rail Expo for the first time

Mechanical "beautician" -Laser cleaning system debuts at Rail Expo for the first time


On October 18, the 2019 China International Rail Transit Equipment Expo kicked off in Changsha. At the CRRC booth, various rail transit and supporting products shined brightly. The laser cleaning workstation, which has the name of a mechanical 'beautician', has made a wonderful appearance and has been favored by many professional audiences.


The mechanical "beautician" attracted a lot of attention.


For a long time, in the process of rail transportation equipment maintenance, there are a large number of components that need to be cleaned and derusted. The key components installed or suspended outside the vehicle body, such as axles, wheel sets, gearboxes, brake discs, pantographs, etc. need to remove oil, rust, paint and other dirt. Because there are many types of dirt and complex shapes, different cleaning methods need to be used, even parts are disassembled, and the cleaning process is long. Traditional cleaning methods include sand blasting, mechanical polishing, high-pressure water jet, chemical reagent cleaning, and ultrasonic cleaning. These cleaning problems include damage to the substrate, poor working environment, pollution, low efficiency, incomplete cleaning of some locations, and high cleaning costs.


Wuhan QUESTT Asia Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a laser cleaning system based on the application and demand of rail transit. With laser technology as the core, the use of laser cleaning, laser polishing and laser welding in the field of rail transit equipment can improve rail transit vehicles. Quality, reducing maintenance costs, etc.


On the first day of the exhibition, the laser cleaning system was eye-catching, and the automated laser cleaning workstation was refreshing. Laser cleaning is a new type of cleaning technology. It uses high-frequency pulsed laser characteristics and is based on the photophysical properties caused by the interaction between high-intensity beams, short-pulse lasers and pollution layers, to remove oil, paint, oxide layers, etc Effect of pollutants. The laser cleaning system is composed of laser system, robot, automatic tooling, cooling system, dust removal system, electrical and control system. It can realize automatic cleaning of wheel sets, axle surface oil pollution, paint, oxides, and other irregular parts. Perform cleaning.


The laser rust removal system also has the characteristics of strong pertinence, convenient operation, good cleaning quality, and high safety. It does not damage the substrate after cleaning, and the surface cleanliness reaches Sa2.5 level. It can be used as an independent workstation or easily integrated into an automated production line. Convenient trajectory programming and teaching functions. The control software has automatic programming mode and manual teaching mode, which can quickly program and optimize the cleaning trajectory Complete database function of workpiece, process and processing records, built-in multiple laser cleaning process tasks, any number of process data can be quickly developed based on the process tasks, stored in the process database, and can be quickly called during cleaning.


At the same time, it has the function of fast positioning for batch cleaning. When workpieces of the same model are cleaned in batches, workpiece positioning can be quickly realized without reprogramming. Has a complete fault diagnosis system. It can intelligently generate dynamic fault diagnosis strategies based on fault phenomena and existing test resources, and can manually intervene in the diagnosis process during fault diagnosis. The fault detection rate is 100%.


Intelligent manufacturing represents the main direction of high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, and it is promoting the systematic and holistic transformation of traditional production methods and organizational forms, providing the foundation and possibility for industrial transformation and upgrading and sustainable development. Wuhan QUESTT Asia Technology Co., Ltd. relies on advanced technical experience and strong technical strength to create a well-known supplier of intelligent manufacturing systems in China's rail transit field that integrates intelligent equipment, intelligent production lines, and process .


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