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What is the working principle of YAG laser welding machine?

What is the working principle of YAG laser welding machine?


The laser power source first turns on the pulsed xenon lamp. The xenon lamp is pulsed by the laser power source to form a light wave of a certain frequency and a certain pulse width. The light wave is radiated to the Nd 3+: YAG laser crystal through the condenser cavity to excite the Nd 3+: YAG The laser crystal emits light, and after resonating through the laser cavity, it emits a pulsed laser with a wavelength of 1064nm. The pulsed laser is focused on the object to be welded after being expanded, reflected, or focused by optical fiber transmission; on a PLC or industrial PC Under the control of the machine, move the CNC workbench to complete the welding. The frequency, pulse width, waveform, table speed, and moving direction of the pulsed laser required during welding can be controlled by a single chip computer, PLC or industrial PC. The pulsed laser can be adjusted and controlled by different settings of the laser frequency, pulse width and energy .

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