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200w suitcase laser cleaning machine

200w suitcase laser cleaning machine


On July 5th, we compared the effects of 100 watts and 200 watts. Through experiments, we know that although the 200 watts adopts an air-cooled suitcase structure, the laser gun head does not generate heat after a period of use. Through the different parameter settings and the comparison of cleaning on different materials, it can be seen that the 200-watt laser is stronger and the cleaning effect is better.

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The 200w suitcase machine adopts two control methods: a handheld controller panel and a Bluetooth APP, and a timer counter is added to the mobile phone APP, so that customers can easily know the time they are using.


The200w suitcase machine has four cleaning ripples, which can be used in different application.

The outlook is the same as a travel case , which is very easy to take along and move. Also the best demo machine to fly with you on airplane.

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