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3KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with 6 Axis Robot

3KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with 6 Axis Robot



3D Robot Laser Cutting Machine replace the traditional way of processing, reducing the investment mold, 

reducing the time cost of the parts suppliered in the development cycle, improving processing efficiency and cutting the workpiece accuracy.


1) Represents the most advanced laser cutting standard;

2) Professional laser cutting control systems, computer operations, to ensure the quality of cutting and to make the cutting job easier;

3) The six-axis robot can achieve 3D cutting, easy operate, high intelligence, to ensure high-speed equipment with high-precision and high reliability;

4)The import laser cutting head is responsive, accurate and effective cooperation with the robot, to ensure cutting focus position and ensure stable cutting quality;

5) Laser cutting head can withstand 1.0Mpa gas pressure to improved the capacity of cutting stainless steel and other materials.


For stainless steel, carbon steel, silicon steel, titanium and other materials.


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