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Laser Cleaning Machine for Rust Removal

Laser Cleaning Machine for Rust Removal


Laser Rust Removal Introduction

There is oxidation and corrosion when metals meet oxygen and water vapor in air. It will greatly damage the metal workpiece and the rust will spread from outside to inside and become worse and worse as time goes on, until the whole workpiece is totally corrupted. So rust removal is extremely important. Laser rust removal uses not chemical agents or mechanical polishing, so it is faster and safer. It has advantages of higher efficiency, high automation and no subsequent processing work, lower labor intensity and lower cost.

Working Principle

Impulse type Nd: YAG laser cleaning relies on the optical pulse from high-intensitive laser beam, which burns the contaminants above the substrate. Physics principle

Laser beam energy is absorbed by the contaminants above the substrate The contaminant heats up so much, a plasma is created around the working area. This will cause evaporation The contaminant is then removed T'he base material stays cold, while the absorbing layer heats up, so there will be no damage to base material Laser cleaning can clean not only organic contaminant, but also inorganic substance, such as metal rust, metal particle.


Main Feature

 Laser cleaning is universally acknowledged as the most reliable and effective solution for all materials with features of non-contact, no grind and no heat effect.

Laser power from 20-1000 W for different laser cleaning applications High efficient clean speed of4m'-40m /h Accurate cleaning for exact position and precise size Widely applied in flat, curved and three-dimensional surface for work piece of elastic material and plastic with very small and deep holes.

Flexible operation for work pieces with complicated geometric construction can be realized by mechanized or hand- held laser cleaning head

No maintenance and no consumables Dust-free, no chemicals, no pollution Non-contact cleaning and no damage for substrate Extremely low cleaning cost and High cleaning efficiency


Application Industry

Space flight and aviation/ships, automobile/machine manufacturing, mould/hardware tool, food processing/chemical industry, rubber and plastic/tyre, electronics/electrical equipment, weaponry, building materials/cultural relic, steel structural parts, rail transit/machine tool, etc.

Removal for rust, oil stain, grease, dirt, resin, mold release, oil paint, coating, weld residue, oxide, production residue etc.

Traditional rust removal methods:

Acid pickling, High frequency ultrasonic, abrasive blasting, sandpaper manual grinding, Polishing grinding(abradant), dry ice blast cleaning, Mechanical friction clean, Chemical cleaning, Strong impact cleaning by Liquid &solid.

The widely applied shot blasting, Metal balls or quartz sand is fast, but with much noise and dust

1. Manual rust removal Use scraper, hammer, steel brush, grinding wheel and other tools to knock, shovel, grind, scrape to remove rust.

2. Mechanical rust removal Use Portable electric grinding wheel, Electric brush, Air brush and de-scaling gunto remove rust. Spray and shot blasting are widely applied

3. Chemical rust removal Use chemical reaction between acid and rust Rust will be dissolved and removed

4. Ultrasonic rust removal Use high-frequency vibration to remove rust Traditional surface pretreatment such as abrasive blasting, solvent or chemical cleaning will leave harmful impurities and residue on the surface, reduce the adhesion of new coating and produce secondary pollutants


Laser Cleaning In Mould Industry

Traditional cleaning for moulds includes: sandblast, ultrasonic and CO,. Super hot moulds must be cleaned after hours of cooling, which takes so much time. This will damage the accuracy of moulds, chemical solvent and noises will also cause problems for safety and environment. Laser beam can be transferred through optical fiber, so it can clean the dead angles and other places that are difficult to clean; For rubber moulds, laser beam will not gasify it so that there will not be harmful gas Laser is already applied in tyre mould industry in Euramerican countries

The anti-sticking films in food moulds need periodic replacement. Laser cleaning is also more suitable than chemical reagent

Laser Cleaning In Weapons

Laser cleaning can remove rust and contaminant in weapons with high speed and high efficiency. The cleanliness is much higher than chemical cleaning and with no damage to body surface. And a compact oxide coating and molten metal layer can be formed on body surface, which can improve surface strength and corrosion resistance

Laser Cleaning In Removing Old Paint In Airplanes

Airplanes need to repaint after certain time, but old paint must be completely removed before repainting. Traditional mechanical cleaning will damage metal surface of airplanes, which will bring hidden danger to safe flight. Laser cleaning will not damage the surface

Laser Cleaning In Building Outer Wall

As there are more and more buildings nowadays, the demands for outer wall cleaning is becoming huge Laser cleaning offers a more effective solution for any contaminants on stones, metals and glass in outer walls than traditional cleaning.

Laser Cleaning In Electronics Industry

Laser is also applied in electronics industry to remove oxide accurately Before circuit board welding, the oxide on electronics component pins must be completely removed to ensure best conductivity, without damaging the pins. Laser cleaning can do this and can clean one pin for one laser pulse.

Degrease In Precision Engineering Industry

Usually we remove esters and mineral oil through chemical process in precision engineering industry, but there will be chemical residue Laser beams can completely remove esters and mineral oil without damaging spare parts surface. Because this process is done by the blast wave but not mechanical effect, this is very suitable for cleaning machine parts in aerospace industry and other precision parts processing


Pipeline Laser Cleaning In Nuclear Reactor

High power laser beams through optical fiber can directly remove radioactive dust to ensure the safety of the staff. Laser cleaning plays an important role in many fields, such as automobile, cleaning for semiconductor wafers, military equipment, circuit board, L CD and outside wall of buildings, historic preservation, precision parts processing and manufacturing and so on


Laser Cleaning In Removing Rust On Metal Components

Steel is widely applied in modern manufacturing industries, such as ears, planes, ships, machinery, chemical and so on but usually steel billets become rusty after being stored for a long time, which affects the appearance and performance. Thus, rust removal has become a headache proble

Now laser is used to burn rust with high efficiency. Develops a new hand-held laser derusting machine, using 30-1000W laser to burn rust and paint on metal surface.

As metals have high reflection, laser pulse is extremely fast and stays on metal surface for very short time to avoid damaging the surface.

On the other hand, the metal rust will be vaporized under laser beams and substrate metals surface will reflect laser beam so that it will not be damaged. Even the letters and bolts will be perfectly cleaned.

The working principle for laser cleaning machine (laser derusting machine)is that contaminant on base materials


Laser Cleaning In Electronics Industry To Remove Coating

Laser cleaning system offers precise paint removing solution and can easily remove paint in complex places. Laser cleaning can save time and consumables and improve quality when there is requirement for electrical conductivity between different metal parts.

Paint removing in precision parts can be operated without mobile protection tools. Laser is suitable for cleaning organic pollutants, oxide and anodic oxide.

Laser cleaning is the only high effective solution in removing paint test at key welded joint where painting is needed. Laser can quickly clean the coating and expose possible defects; While chemical agents, abraser and manual or electric tools will damage surface and cover key parts.

Laser cleaning is applied in coating and metal surface and cause no damage to base materials. There is no medium, no dust, no chemical Easy mechanical or hand held operation and no need protection during


Laser Cleaning In Pre-treatment Before Coating

Laser cleaning can remove all impurities on metal surface before coating, including oxide, grease, oil stain, chloride, and many other organic and inorganic residue.

There is no secondary pollutants for Laser cleaning, while for traditional cleaning, such as abrasive blasting, chemical cleaning, there will be harmful impurities and residue on the surface, reduce the adhesion of new coating and produce secondary pollutants

After laser cleaning, the surface is totally clean and no need to dispose secondary pollutants. Laser cleaning is suitable for metal pretreatment Use laser to clean and pretreat surface, there will be no abradant and consumbles. And the surface will have strong adhesion strength, to ensure durability and corrosion resistance of paints. i*, Laser cleaning is especially suitable for smooth and curved surface and complicated 3D geometrical shapes, elastic erials and plastic components


Laser Cleaning In Building

Laser cleaning technology can remove dirt off from sandstone, marble, granite, terra-cotta and concrete, without damaging building surface. Laser can also clean colorful surface, remove smoke dust accumulated over a long period and restore original beautiful appearance

Laser power and intensity can be adjusted(0-100]), thus to offer the only and most advanced solution for restoration of cultural relic

Anti-corrosion and preservation: Laser beam can clean weathered surfaces before mew paint spray and it is environmentally friendly


Laser Cleaning In Tyre Mould Industry

There is big challenge in tyre mould cleaning, while laser cleaning offers perfect solutions from hand held to fully automation laser cleaning system. Hand held model is flexible and can clean complicated surfaces very quickly. Fully automatical model can accurately and quickly clean mould components in quantity, such as clamshell mold, side wall, Edge ring with high safety and low cost 4a. Laser cleaning can prolong moulds service life during removing dirt and residue, without daming the surface. Also ser will not blow residue into miniature nozzles, so it can be used for moulds with nozzles.

Advantages of laser cleaning No secondary pollutants It can flexibly clean moulds with complicated and geometric construction surfaces


Laser Cleaning In Antiques

There are pollutants of varying degrees, such as mycete, dirt on antiques. Traditionally, people use mechanical cleaning and chemical cleaning, which would produce irreversible damages the laser beam can be adjusted to produce different energy to clean pollutants on antiques instantly without damaging them. That is because the pollutants and antiques can absorb different laser wavelength, so we can control the laser wavelength to clean only pollutants. Now laser cleaning is already widely applied in stone antiques, oil painting and so on. We can say that due to laser technology, we can see the splendor of antiques

Working principles As the pollutants and antiques can absorb different laser wavelength, the pollutants on surface can absorb laser beam energy and be gasfied and removed, while antiques don`t absorb the laser energy, so they will not be damaged.

How to protect antiques if the pollutants are similar in material? 1. Change laser wavelength: so long as there are color difference between antiques and pollutants, they will absorb different laser wavelength

2. Find out the thickness of pollutants and use laser beam to peel"pollutants layer by layer. How to remove pollutants permeated in antiques? Because laser beam is micro so that it can remove any pollutants so long as there are cracks and pores Applications in cleaning antiques Perfect in cleaning ink marks, smudging and paint, common for lime cleaning and can only clean monochrome antiques.


Laser Cleaning In Plastic Welding

Laser cleaning technology can remove pollutants on surfaces(such as mold release, residue )and restore perfect surface and inerease adhesion strength for plastic part

Tests already prove that laser cleaning is very effective for CFRP(carbon fiber reinforced polymer )and plastic.


Laser Cleaning In Pretreatment Before Copper Brazing

Laser technology is widely applied in steel and aluminium cleaning, as the surface pretreatment, mainly in automobile, precision tooling production and shipbuilding, ete. Welding surface laser cleaning is proved very effective in copper brazing and other weldings in automobile industry. Laser can remove lubricant, black and non-ferrous metal impurities and improve welding and soldering seam quality, makes them smooth and pore-free with high stability and best weld joint.

Laser cleaning can remove oil contamination, grease, oxide layer, aquo-complex and protective primer. Laser cleaning is also applied in precise pretreatment for weld surface without damaging zinc coating on steel Laser cleaning can also remove welding residues on weld joints, such as oxide and liquid material. And it can eliminate grain boundary and passivate weld joint to enhance the corrosion resistance of parts. Laser technology is also perfect for cleaning stainless steel parts.


Laser Cleaning In Paint Removing

Portable laser cleaning system is designed for paint removing in steel structures in ships, bridges, power transmission tower and large sealed equipment. Laser can be used to remove paint on old surface, so that new paint can be sprayed Steel after laser cleaning is completely clean and can be resprayed

Laser cleaning technology is widely applied for removing paint in factories, outdoor jobs and offshore operations. Portable hand held laser cleaning system is easy to operate and there is no medium, no dust and no chemicals and no need to clean up. It is impact design and can be brought to any place very easily and can remove coating, oxide, grease and other pollutants without producing secondary pollutants.

Laser cleaning technology is widely applied in surface treatment for corrosion control in steel structures, harmful coating removing(such as lead and chromate coating). It can remove paints and clean pollutants, including oxide, chloride, oil stain, grease and other pollutants.


Laser Cleaning In Pretreatment Before Hardware Welding

Laser cleaning offer solutions for hardware welding, which has very strict requirements. It can remove oxide and pollutants which can reduce adhesion strength

Laser beam can be adjusted slightly to clean on aluminium and magnesium surface precisely to accommodate different agglutinant

It can remove oxide on surface and improve metal corrosion resistance. No medium and chemicals, dry, clean and environmental Laser cleaning before welding can expand the structured processing on surface


Laser Cleaning In Rubber Moulds And Tool

Laser cleaning is widely applied in various moulds and tools for EPDM, nitrile and natural rubber. It can completely remove release agents, residues and pollutants safely and softly.

Laser cleaning will not damage parts surface after hundreds of cleaning cycles and thus extend the lifespan of the parts. No abradant and medium It can clean hot moulds, without chemical reagent or producing secondary pollutants and extend the lifespan of moulds It is especially suitable for cleaning thick and very sticky residue in deep moulds with small holes, mirror chrome and high degree of polishing


Laser Cleaning In Removing Oxide

Oxide layer can absorb laser wavelength and thus be gasifed by laser pulse. So there is no residual oxide then After laser cleaning, the surface is prefectly smooth and no pollutants and is perfect for welding, coating and adhesion


Laser Cleaning In Food Industry

bakeware, moulds of any shapes and conveyer in food indust ease and residue in stainless steel, steel or chrome plated

Laser cleaning system is also applied to clean oil stain, gr Laser cleaning system can clean in movement and keep clean production condition, prolong machine running time and save cost

It can remove bake residue without damaging bakeware surface and there will be no metal residue. No medium, no dirt and no chemicals, no need to clean up.


Laser Cleaning In Selective Depainting

Selective depainting can be realized by laser. The laser beam can be controlled to remove coatings layer by layer. laser can averagely remove paint on coating of same thickness, neither more nor less. Laser can remove outermost coating and expose base coating. It can provide recoating technology, which is already tested by US Air Force, conform to International Aircraft Standards SAE 4812.

Portable hand held laser cleaning system is easy to operate and there is no medium, no dust and no chemicals and no need to clean up. It is impact design and can be brought to any place very easily and can remove coating, oxide, grease an other pollutants without producing secondary pollutants

Widely applied in aircraft industry: Remove paint and keep base coating Widely applied in automobile industry Selectively remove outermost coating and keep anticorrosive base coating(windshield joint) Widely applied in anti-corrosion and preservation Remove weathered surface thoroughly before new spray.


Laser Cleaning In Precision Surface Production And Processing Industry

Laser cleaning technology can be applied in special metals surface treatment, such as creating fine structures of various visual sense and mechanical effect

Laser beam can create functional surface to increase surface friction Laser beam can create surface of different roughness by adjusting laser focusing area and laser beam diameter,

Laser Cleaning In Aerospace, Shipbuilding Machinery

Laser cleaning technology is effective in cleaning carbon fibre composite/glassfiber reinforced plastics moulds and aluminium and high-tensile steel without daming base mater/a/s effective in cleaning moulds of nickel, stainless steel. Tests in aviation industry already prove that laser is very Nowadays laser cleaning technology is already regarded as the best choice for cleaning aviation moulds. Compared with dry ice cleaning, laser cleaning is more easy and much quieter and 15 times faster. Also there will be no residual abradant and save cost of parts production.

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