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revisiting rapid prototyping/3d, cad/3d laser scanning as investments

by:QUESTT     2020-05-28
Imagine that you need a crown of the back teeth.
You\'re going to have the dentist stamp your teeth, then drill it down and cover it with something temporary.
She may then tell you that when your teeth come out of the \"lab\" and come back in three weeks.
\"This is no longer something that needs to happen.
Instead, the new technology allows the dental assistant to flash the laser in your mouth and use the complete 3D image in the software program, design and produce a perfect replica of your molar teeth in the office during the same visit.
It sticks to the proper place you go.
Again, your mechanic tells you that your old T-
Bird needs to be replaced and you have to see if there is one on eBay as this stuff is no longer made.
But this is not the case.
Instead, he tells you to wait a minute for him to download the CAD drawings of the required parts into his 3D printer, and in a few minutes it pops up and ready to install.
This is the structural transformation of 3D digital technology in design and manufacturing.
This technology may not be worth a place in your portfolio.
A series of complementary technology products have changed the way people design, create and manufacture products.
In April of 2006, I first wrote about the investment potential of these technologies and contributed to Wall Street.
In an article about StratasysNASDAQ:SSYS).
At that time, I suggested buying Stratasys to play the manufacturing revolution brought about by 3D printing technology.
At that time, the company\'s stock trading price was about $16, and it was frantically traded in the next five years. by September 2007, the trading price was as high as $28, and during the financial crisis in 2009, it fell to $8,
A record high of over $50 per share in April.
I also recommend the 3D system [
TDSC at that time, now (NYSE:DDD)]
As 3D printing and Faro Technologies in June 06 (NASDAQ:FARO)
In July 06, the leading manufacturer of laser 3D scanners, taking advantage of the free advantages of portable 3D laser scanners, provided a new world for digital design and manufacturing through processes such as reverse engineering.
Since the recommendation, the stocks of all these companies have done very well, at least tripled, but the technology has changed very quickly, considering the development of the industry, this is a good time to assess the potential of future investment.
The most interesting technology currently exists in private companies and no longer holds positions in any of the above publicly listed 3D Printing/rapid prototyping or 3D laser scanning companies.
My research shows that private companies are developing and delivering the best new products in these areas.
There is one of the best private players in the field of 3D printers, called Objet geometry, based in Israel.
Stratasys distributed some of Objet\'s 3D printers a decade ago.
The advantages of Objet technology seem to be quite strong.
Objet machines are able to produce more accurate models in a process than Stratasys with smooth surfaces, which Stratasys machines cannot do.
While 3D systems SLS or SLA machines are good parts, these machines are more costly to purchase, operate and maintain, requiring specific environments and expertise to operate.
Replacing the laser in these machines is much more expensive than replacing the print head in the Objet printer.
Each player\'s product still has an advantage, such as the SSYS material with better heat resistance properties, which are more similar to ABS than competitors, and perform better in a test environment, which is critical.
As an investment, the panacea for these companies is large-scale market adoption, and the limitations of DDD and SSYS products should hinder the development of these companies as competition intensifies.
I used Uprint 3D printers a few years ago to focus on the entry-level market, when I said that this partnership might not have a foundation or be very likely to succeed.
If there is anything, the strength of SSYS is at the other end of the product spectrum-ultra-high-end industrial/aerospace products that have very specific material requirements for testing such as heat resistance.
Science begins to catch up with the real-world application digital design and manufacturing product suite with three core complementary parts.
Now, each piece uses the same digital language, and users can get different elements (
Scanning, design, manufacturing)
In the event of affordability and time permitting, while continuing to outsource if required or more efficiently.
It starts from transition to running in a digital-based environment.
This requires computer-aided design (CAD)
Software, similar to Autodesk (NASDAQ:ADSK)
Products such as AutoCad, Inventor or Solidworks from Dassault Systems (OTCPK:DASTY).
There are also a number of small players in this area that have niche products, such as Geomagic or Cimatron, which are privately held (NASDAQ:CIMT)and Delcam (DLC. L).
From this digital starting point, the door is opened for designing products, maintaining digital archives/inventory of products, and new ways to respond faster to changes or designing new products.
This ultimately provides the user with the option of overall control over the entire design and manufacturing process.
The next essential element of many industries is the 3D laser scanner, which allows users to quickly bring real-world objects into the CAD/CAM environment to create and/or redesign products, time-consuming processes such as model making are usually completely eliminated.
When Faro and Hexagon established an early lead in portable 3D laser scanning, new market entrants like Creaform have developed handheld devices, truly portable devices, usually more affordable products can provide a wider range of uses to promote future applications and accessibility in areas such as reverse engineering.
The next challenge is to add manufacturing capabilities to the system through 3D printers or other computer-oriented manufacturing systems such as CNC to create physical products.
This group or group of digital design and manufacturing products will gradually penetrate into most or all industries to create a more desirable dynamic in which companies control and manage more closelyhouse.
The beginning of this revolution brings a variety of niche providers of all three elements of the digital design and manufacturing chain to meet each professional application more specifically.
The latest developments in digital dentistry for digital dental environments are a good illustration of how these technologies affect the industry.
A series of new products from companies such as private holding 3 Shape, Cadent Itero [All adjustments (NASDAQ:ALGN)], Sirona (NASDAQ:SIRO)and even 3M (NYSE:MMM)
The business of dentists is changing.
After entering the digital field of dentistry, individual commercial operators are gradually able to give greater control over all elements of the product design and construction cycle.
The power of digital dentistry is rapidly shifting to the provider of 3D laser scanners.
The scanner enables dentists to easily move beyond the limitations of physical models to a more flexible and manageable world of CAD/CAM.
There are two main types of scanners, in-oral and fixed systems, which are used to scan the model into a 3D software platform for reverse engineering or archiving/inventory.
Dental scanner allows the dentist to sit in a chair
Side 3D images of the patient\'s mouth and use a variety of different software options directly in the CAD environment to develop product solutions.
Most dentists are authorized to keep Archived inventory of patient models in the years following creation.
Most people are currently outsourcing the process of scanning and archiving to the laboratory for a fee and/or a monthly or annual filing fee.
With the continuous development of technology, internal management becomes easier, and dentists want to introduce the scanning function-house.
Once the dentist starts to operate in a digital environment, the option is available-
House expands and is an ideal means to reduce costs associated with outsourcing services for dental laboratories.
While 3D printing is working with scanner providers to provide the following benefits for dentists
The creation of housing models, it seems that one of the biggest beneficiaries of the digital dental manufacturing revolution will be a more traditional CNC milling machine manufacturer like Cerec (
Saero Dental by Nordisk)
Because dentists can take advantage of the ability to reduce their dependence on laboratory services, there will be more processes
Ultimately reduce costs by implementing a full set of digital dental design and manufacturing processes.
In the near future, this example of the dental industry is a good example of how this product works together to drive control of the internal design and manufacturing cycle, increase the flexibility of the business and reduce costs.
The benefits of this digital design and manufacturing revolution will drive the application of these technologies in all walks of life.
From an investment perspective, the most impressive growth seems to come from new niche-focused entrants such as 3D scanning technology company 3 form.
I\'m interested in new growth opportunities for dental CNC milling machines, but to be honest, it\'s a bit late for me to jump on this wagon.
Although the digital dental revolution is still too early, public companies like Sirona (SIRO)and Align (ALGN)
In recent years, I have seen a surge in stocks, and market capitalization has surpassed my liking from multiple perspectives of historical income.
The Delcam of the AIM stock exchange seems to offer some value, and I did some work on the name when considering the purchase.
The company is small enough to make potentially interesting acquisitions of Alkin or Siro who want to get growth.
A new public 3D printing company appeared on my desk last week, and this interesting announcement is that Objet geometry is considering a public release.
At a valuation of $0. 5 billion, the company may bring compelling value, especially compared to 3D Systems, with a current market value of more than $0. 7 billion, which in my opinion is the most of its kind
Keep you informed
Disclosure: I do not have a position in any of the stocks mentioned, nor do I have a plan to start any position in the next 72 hours.
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