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What is the working principle of fiber laser welding machine?

What is the working principle of fiber laser welding machine?


When the pump light passes through the rare earth ions in the fiber, it will be absorbed by the rare earth ions. At this time, the rare earth atomic electrons that absorb photon energy will be excited to a higher lasing energy level, thereby achieving the inversion of the ion number, and the inverted ion number will be transferred from the high energy level to the ground state in the form of radiation, and release energy, Complete stimulated radiation. The laser generated by the optical fiber laser welding machine is output through the optical fiber and cooperates with the supporting worktable to complete the corresponding welding. Fiber laser welding machine is divided into pulse fiber laser welding machine and continuous fiber laser welding machine. Among them, the pulse fiber laser welding machine can adjust the laser pulse single-point energy by setting the laser peak power, frequency and pulse width; the continuous fiber laser welding machine adjusts the output laser power by setting the average laser power.

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