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Laser Wood Cutting

by:QUESTT     2020-06-01
Since its launch in the year 00 s, laser has made great progress.From the display of light to scientific experiments, this optical phenomenon has been applied in various ways.Today, the laser is used as a cutting device in the manufacturing process.Direct high laser cutting equipmentA dynamic laser beam on the desired surface.This allows the surface to burn, melt or evaporate, thus providing a high quality finish for the final product.Laser cutting is used on various surfaces such as plastic, glass and metal.Wood is another popular surface for laser cutting.Most laser cutting machines are driven by co2.The wood has a high absorption of 10.6-Micron wavelength of Co2Cutting is the result of a chemical degradation process in which wood fibers are burned and removed under the pressure of an auxiliary gas.As a result, the edges of the wood products cut by laser appear burnt, but the surface discoloration can be ignored.There are several factors that affect the ability of laser cutting wood.First, consider the properties of the beam.Includes power, mode, polarization, and stability.Lasers commonly used to cut wood ranges between 200 and 800 watts.However, depending on the complexity of the application and work, the beam density may vary.Equipment and processing variables such as the design of the beam, the feed rate and the type of gas used also greatly affect the wood cutting process.Finally, the performance of the workpiece also affects the efficiency of the laser cutting process.For example, dry lightweight wood is easy to cut, while dense wet wood requires more effort.Compared with the traditional wood cutting method, the laser cutting process has several advantages.Traditional saw blade cutting methods cannot match the accuracy and complexity of laser cutting.In addition, the durability of the final product is greater, and the waste of materials is minimized.However, each machine costs thousands of dollars, which is not an affordable option for everyone.
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