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Laser Cutting Machine Solution

Laser Cutting Machine Solution


Aluminum, copper and other metals are widely used in advertising sign making, sheet metal structure, high and low voltage electrical cabinet manufacturing, textile machinery parts, kitchenware, automobile, machinery, elevator, electrical parts, spring sheets, Metro parts and other industries. Copper plate, aluminium plate, gold, silver, titanium and other metal sheets and pipes.

Traditional processing methods, such as cold punching, cold cutting and fire cutting, lead to environmental pollution, burr, and subsequent treatment is time-consuming. Radium metal cutting machine is more suitable for cutting high-reflective materials such as aluminum veneer, brass and copper. It can process aluminum foil into different shapes quickly and accurately. The characteristics of laser die-less processing quickly respond to the needs of kitchenware, lighting and decoration industry of aluminum veneer.

Copper is a difficult material to process in laser processing, which is due to its high thermal reflectance, low laser absorption and high thermal diffusivity. It is impossible to cut copper by CO2 laser at all. Brass with thickness less than 1 mm can be cut by nitrogen; copper with thickness less than 2 mm can be cut by nitrogen. Oxygen must be used to process gases. Radium laser metal cutting machine can cut all kinds of copper and aluminium materials. High precision and fast speed are the necessary assistants for your work.

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