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Laser Cutting, Waterjet Cutting & Plasma Cutting - Key Differences in the Major CNC Cutting Services

by:QUESTT     2020-06-04
When choosing a metal cutting service, there are several good options for people.But there is a big difference between these options, and informed buyers can save a bundle with the right choice.Laser cutting: Laser cutting includes light moving along a straight line to the workpiece to remove the metal by evaporation.Laser cutting machines usually have tolerances.0005 inches.They may be the most accurate and can have the smallest cut (or cut width ).They are also the fastest speed to cut thin materials (16 specifications or thinner.The more powerful laser cutting machine can cut carbon steel as thick as 1.25 inches.The supply of laser includes laser gas and electricity.Water jet cutting: water jet cutting at 35-75,000 PSI for accurate wear cutting of the workpiece.Steel parts can be thick to 6 inch and remain within tolerance /-.003 of an inch.From metal to tiles, almost any material is OK.This is the slowest method of cutting services discussed in this article.The supply of water jets includes water and medium-expensive small stones called garnet.Plasma cutting: plasma cutting includes high temperature plasma and ground to seek arc.In this case, it looks for the ground through the workpiece-In this process, the metal is removed by melting the material and blowing it away from the work area.Plasma cutting is the fastest speed to cut thick metal at present.Plasma cutting requires electricity and certain gases to work properly.Which cutting method works best?The best cutting method depends to a large extent on the required capabilities.If a job involves a piece of thick or less metal and requires medium to strict tolerances, then there is no better laser cutter than this.If the workpiece is made of a foreign material with low thermal tolerance (known as the \"heat affected zone\"), then water spraying may be your best choice.If the material is metal and is very thick (say 1.5 inch or more), very fast, then plasma cutting is the best.
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