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How to Use Laser Cutters

by:QUESTT     2020-06-06
Laser cutting has become the best modern cutting method due to its high precision and cost advantageeffectiveness.Compared with traditional cutting methods, no matter how complex the design is, laser cutting can achieve very precise cutting even in the smallest detail.For example, for most traditional cutting tools, if there may be problems with some complex designs such as lace patterns, smooth curves or very sharp angles, then you will get a fit by laser cuttingHowever, while laser cutting may be great, it will not provide such good results without proper training.In fact, the laser cutting machine can provide incredible accuracy, but all the laser cutting machines can be destroyed if they are not used properly.Your entire project can cause a fire or several other issues, so make sure you know how to use it before you start using a laser cutter.First of all, you can\'t use laser cutting machines on any type of material, for example, many types of plastic can emit very toxic smoke when in contact with the laser.Remember to wear protective clothing forever before participating in your ambitious project.Gloves and eye protection are not negotiable when you operate the laser cutting machine.So, before you get to work, in order to get everything straight, make sure you have everything you need: laser cutting machines, suitable cutting materials, protective equipment (gloves, eye protection, heavy clothes) there is also a computer drawing program (Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, or whatever) so you can do the design.Use a computer drawing program to start a project by creating a design.Most laser cutting machines use the Corel drawing software, so you should be able to find the right tool for the cutting machine you are using.Then, select the cut width.Unless you have a specific width to respect, select it as 0.004 of an inch.Depending on the thickness and hardness of the material being cut, set the cutting speed, cutting depth and the number of pulses per inch (PPI ).These settings will also vary depending on the manufacturer or model of the laser cutting machine you are using, so please check the manufacturer\'s manual for more detailed instructions.Also, make sure the lens is clean before actually starting laser cutting.To check the lens, remove the three small screws that fix the lens.To clean it, rub the cotton swab with alcohol or cleaning solution.Gently clean, do not use any grinding agent, then reinstall the lens and check the instructions again so you can focus the machine correctly.After turning on the power, give it a minute or so to get the machine fully up.Double check the settings you have made and then fix the lightweight material on the cutting table with tape or other available methods.Please note that the material cannot move at all during the cutting process, otherwise you will not be able to get a clean cut.Depending on the size and shape of the material to be cut, set the initial registration point so that the machine can start the computer-Guide the laser cutting process.To get the best results, take the time to properly prepare all the details and consider all aspects.When you\'re not sure, read the instructions whether it\'s about numbers, settings, or material compatibility.Be patient and pay special attention to details when using protective equipment because they make all the difference.Good luck!
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