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firebowl !!! (with pictures) -

by:QUESTT     2020-07-01
In this manual I will show you how to make a unique elegant fire bowl for your garden!
So let\'s get started: First of all, you should check the size of the terrace to find out the size of the bowl.
My fire bowl is 1, 3 m in diameter and I think it is a good size even with real fire; -)
Then you can think about the design.
I wanted to do three at first.
Very beautiful looking corner fire bowl.
But this only allows a smaller fireplace compared to 5-corner-
Bowl of the same diameter.
This design looks impressive if you have a large terrace!
Start by drawing the shape of a single part.
If the Bowl is going to be thinner, use a 5mm piece of metal that may deform due to heat.
It\'s hard to \"calculate\" the correct measurements, so I just used the \"trial and error\" method :-)
After you have built a single part, you should assemble it to see if the parts are assembled together.
It helps to create a \"floor\" plate where a bowl can stand.
It\'s time to personalize the fire bowl.
Whatever you want, you can adjust the diameter, height, shape.
Just make sure the parts fit well.
Before you do the next step, try to assemble and reassemble the parts in your computer, as you will do in reality!
To produce a fire bowl, you have to create a DXF-
Rough drawings of files and sheet metal. The DXF-
CNC required files-
Machine, with rough drawing, you can calculate the amount of sheet metal you need.
Of course, you don\'t have to use stainless steel, plain steel, maybe it looks rusty and looks good too, will be a lot cheaper!
If you\'re one of the lucky ones with CNCmill or a CNC-plasma-
Cutter or something like that, all you need to do is send DXF-
File to your CAM-Software.
If not, you have to look for a workshop that can cut sheet metal.
Now all you need to do is send DXF-
File with this company and wait for the cut parts to arrive!
After getting the parts, assemble them, take some firewood, ice beer and some friends and enjoy a comfortable night with your new fire bowl!
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