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types of laser marking system - industrial mechanical

by:QUESTT     2020-05-07

It\'s important to understand the properties of different lasers, while choosing the ideal laser for your business.For quick processing, you need to choose the wavelength strongly absorbed by the material.Beam wavelength: 10.ideal for non-CO2 laser marking machine is considered to be the best choice for permanently marking glass.Wavelength: 1.Suitable for marking of metal and plastic.wavelength: 1.Consumables and operating costs are almost the same for all solid-state lasers.The output power of the solid-state laser will decrease over time, thus reducing the marking quality and speed, but this problem is solved by regularly calibrating the laser marking system.Calibration will help to maintain the same power, marking quality and speed for a long time.The oxidation process of heating surface materials.This process relies on heat, bringing carbon from the surface of the metal to the surface and making the mark clear and dark.Most used in the medical industry.The process of removing the entire layer from solid metal by exposure to laser radiation.It is the process of adding color to plastic or metal.Create a contrast in color and black and white materials.Use only on plastic to produce light marks.In this process, the material is melted and foam and bubbles are created to form a smooth mark.In this process, the material needs to be removed from the surface, resulting in a depression.The laser beam penetrates the material and removes the material.There are many applications such as laser marking, annealing, foaming, ablation, coloring, etc. different laser marking techniques are needed for application.Laser Marking system manufacturers have systems suitable for specific applications, depending on wavelength, Lifetime, beam quality, etc.It is important to choose the right system for your business, which ensures efficient and cost-effective handling.
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