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Threshold broken for tiny lasers

by:QUESTT     2020-07-09
The scientists showed the smallest.
Laser working at telecom and room temperature.
Micro light sources are turned on without a \"threshold\", which means they work more efficiently than earlier small laser attempts.
They\'re just one-
The size of the light they produce.
This progress described in nature may help to achieve faster computer or future \"optical computing\" methods.
Lasers are everywhere in everyday life, from supermarket checkout to CD player, but people have been looking for smaller lasers for years.
The main applications of small lights will be computing and telecom.
In principle, lasers can carry a lot of information faster than traditional semiconductor electronic devices.
However, as the laser \"cavity\" of the amplified sound wave shrinks to the size close to the sound wave itself, the new effect begins to play a role.
Almost all lasers need to input a certain energy threshold. after that, sound waves can be arranged synchronously to form a laser beam.
In recent years, many studies have focused on limiting the laser to small boxes made of metal.
However, at such a small scale, most of the energy invested to produce a laser beam
The light that comes out with it-is wasted.
This raises the threshold energy so high that the laser generated is impractical.
Mercedeh Khajavikhan, lead author of the University of California, San Diego, said the trick in the new work (UCSD)
Not in a box, but in a cylinder. called co-
Axial arrangement.
\"Most people are familiar with co-
Bring the TV signal to the axial cable at home, \"Dr. Khajavikhan told BBC News.
\"What they may not be familiar with is,
The axial structure can support one [laser beam]
No matter how much they are reduced in size
\"Dr. Khajavikhan and a group of colleagues from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UCSD made some lasers --
Only the height of 200 million-
There are metal bars in the center, surrounded by a mixture of semiconductor materials.
They use larger laboratory lasers to inject energy into tiny lasers and find that tiny lasers can take advantage of all the energy and focus it on the colored beams used in the telecom industry
All open without threshold.
Although they are not the smallest lasers ever made, the manufacturing of the team\'s tiny lights is very easy --
The fact that they work at room temperature
Make them attractive for future applications.
The first step will be to adjust the method of working with another laser instead of electricity
Similar to the more familiar laser in CD player and laser indicator.
Dr. Khajavikhan said the team \"expects a significant impact on this work in several areas \"--
That is, to transport optical information on the chip and finally to all
Optical computing technology
Professor Shaya Fainman, senior author of the study, said: \"We think this is just the beginning of a new series of light transmitters with superior properties, and many of the progress in this new field has not yet arrived.
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