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The Use of Laser Cutting in Sheet Metal Prototyping

by:QUESTT     2020-05-31
Although there are many ways to form and cut sheet metal, there are few ways as accurate, reliable and cost-effective as laser cutting.The technology involved in laser cutting is very effective, and the continuous and improvement of future capabilities is inevitable.Laser cutting tool laser cutting is a multi-function tool that can be used in a variety of materials such as stone, glass, wood, plastic and sheet metal.CO2 laser is a popular tool because it is easy to control and very precise.A beam made of concentrated CO2 gas is electrically activated to provide fuel for cutting.Fiber lasers use fiberglass to increase the potential of seed lasers.The result is that the laser is more powerful and accurate than the CO2 laser.Fiber lasers are often used in metal because of their focus and strong beam.The crystal laser is similar to the fiber laser, but it uses the pump two and the crystal to produce the strength of the beam.Compared with fiber lasers, crystal lasers have considerable performance and application potential.There are many reasons why using laser cutting is the preferred method when developing sheet metal prototypes.More complicated, because the average size of the laser is only a few microns, it allows for accurate creation and cutting of sheet metal prototypes, which is not possible if other methods are used.This leads to almost infinite possibilities.Cutting the finished edge of sheet metal using physical techniques such as blades can cause defects in the edges, such as roughness and burrs.For many designs, these need to be polished or removed, which may increase the time the end user receives the product.This problem was eliminated using laser.These tools enable the company to cut as many or as few sheet metal prototypes as possible according to the customer\'s needs.In order to adapt to the design of specific components, these lasers generally do not need to be adjusted or reworked.When adjustments are inevitable, they are easier to complete when using a laser cutter.At present, although fiber lasers are being adopted quickly, CO2 lasers are still the industry standard.Although fiber laser technology is quite new, it is expected to become standard technology in the next 10 to 15 years.Many companies will continue to use carbon dioxide lasers at the same time as fiber lasers to provide customers with more design options.It can also be paired with 3D printing to create accurate and reliable products for customers.
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