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Russia is employing a \'combat laser system\' in space that could disable American satellites, claims US official

by:QUESTT     2020-04-29
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Senior U. S. officials have warned the UN that Russia\'s unusual activities in space could prove that Russia is preparing a \"combat laser system \".
Yleem Poblete, Assistant Secretary for Arms Control, Verification and Compliance, told the United Nations that the United States is concerned about Russia\'s \"so-and-so\" behavior
Known as the \"space equipment inspector\" and its unusual activities.
The official went on to warn attendees that Russia has delivered a \"combat laser system\" capable of hitting American satellites offline \".
Dr. Poblete claims that this proves the difference between Russia\'s diplomatic rhetoric and military operations.
On April 30, 2018, videem Poblete was sworn in as assistant secretary of state for arms control, verification and compliance.
Earlier, she had expressed concern about the bizarre behavior of the Russian satellite launched in October 2017, saying that the behavior was \"inconsistent with any previous situation \".
DrPoblete said it shows Russia\'s intention to arm space with offensive weapons and said the gap between Russia\'s public image and their real intentions is widening.
For the United States, these developments further demonstrate that Russia\'s military operations are not in line with their diplomatic statements, Dr. poblette explained.
The United States is working on a similar plan to get their troops into space, involving a US military unit dedicated to the final border.
US President Donald Trump recently revealed that he plans to include space forces in his 2020 budget request.
Despite the intention of the United States, the global superpower is increasingly worried about Russia\'s unusual behavior.
\"The United States is concerned about this very abnormal behavior --
Dr. poblette said he was called a \"space equipment inspector \".
\"We are not sure what it is and cannot verify its mission.
What\'s more, Russia\'s intentions about the satellite are unclear.
She went on to call it a \"disturbing development\" and attacked comments from the commander of the Russian space force that he had revealed plans to collect new weapons prototypes for the Space Force.
Dr. poblette also gave the impression that the United States was prepared to take any necessary action to maintain peace.
She said that while the United States wants no conflict in space, it will be ready to meet and overcome any challenges that arise.
As Vice President Pence recently pointed out, our opponents have turned space into a battlefield.
The United States will not retreat from this challenge.
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