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laser toner cartridges

by:QUESTT     2020-07-23
Laser printers used to be much more expensive than inkjet printers, but now the cost of these products is so much lower that they are now competing with inkjet printers in terms of cost, once, only businesses with very large printing needs can purchase a copy reasonably, and the current cost is already within the budget of most people and home offices and can enjoy high-quality professional publications.
Electrostatic printing is what we usually call laser printing, the technology used to produce printing pages is very different from inkjet printing, and the charge is used to produce the images seen.
Photons are emitted onto a cylindrical transparent drum.
The laser shines on the drum and letters and images are sent from the computer as charges.
The drum is then coated with toner with positive charge.
The paper with negative power is then rolled through the drum and the image with negative power is transmitted to the paper.
Toner cartridges were initially more expensive than inkjet cartridges, but were able to get a larger output. Typical high-capacity cartridges will produce about 4000 pages with a coverage of 5%.
Used four Toner, they are cyan magenta yellow and black, OK, you can still print with the other three colors when one Toner is used up, every bit of toner can be used.
A common trick to get more information from the toner cartridge is to open the printer when it seems to have run out, take out the toner cartridge, shake it and replace it to hundreds of copies the printer is producing, when I thought the toner was used up and found that the toner had settled in the toner cartridge and by shaking and replacing it, I had made the cartridge myself several times.
If properly taken care of, the life of most printers will be about 5 years, and the cost of toner cartridges is prohibitive, they may exceed 25% of the initial purchase price of the laser printer means that you will pay more than double the original cost of the laser printer.
To help pay the cost, you can be as frustrated as I am with the high cost of ownership, I just bought another identical laser printer with a full set of toner cartridges, the price is up to 50% cheaper than a set of toner cartridges for laser printers.
The reason why these types of printers are so popular in the home office market is because of quality, speed and cost.
These once very expensive laser printers are very affordable today, and the above situation no longer exists.
In the long run, they will prove to be more economical than inkjet, although the initial investment will be greater than inkjet.
They are less used and cheaper and can also be recycled, which helps ease the problem with landfill sites.
How to effectively solve the recycling problem is discussed in the recycling inkjet cartridges of http at the following address: when purchasing a laser printer, be sure to compare the prices of different sources, because the prices may vary greatly, depending on your needs, you may consider laser printers that are not the latest model manufacturer to update the model frequently to reflect rapid changes in the electronics sector, or you may ask for the display Model a, these models are usually sold at low prices.
These laser copiers are excellent machines with multiple A4 sizes of different sizes, A3 size depends on your requirements, printing quality is so high that on some laser copies, you will be warned not to allow the copying of bank notes passports and other legal types of documents with criminal offences with heavy sentences.
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