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Laser Cutting Tools

by:QUESTT     2020-06-07
There are various laser cutting tools depending on the type of finished product you like.Laser cutting machine router for computer-Driven can cut each letter precisely to capture every detail of the selected style.The manufacturing system facilitates the cutting of symbols and logos in a cost-effective manner.A laser in a solid state, using a crystal rod parallel to one end and flat at one end.Both ends have surfaces that can reflect.A high-density light source and a flash light surround the crystal.When the pulse network gives powerWhen formed, a strong light pulse called photons is released in one of the rod crystals.The light released is a wavelength that allows for a minimum divergence.The 100% laser is reflected on the rearview mirror, while the 30 to 50% laser will pass through the mirror and then reach the tilt mirror through the shutter assembly before passing through the lens and then reaching the workpiece.The laser beam is not only coherent, but also has a high energy content.When it is focused on the surface, the laser generates heat for welding, drilling and cutting.Manipulate the laser beam and the workpiece by using the robot.It can be adjusted according to different sizes and thermal strength.Smaller lasers are used for drilling, cutting and welding, while larger machines are used for heating.One of the advantages of laser cutting is that cutting lubricants are no longer needed.In addition, the process has a very thin cutting width and heat input, and the area affected by heating is very narrow.So choose from various types of laser cutting tools to get the results you want.
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