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daimler trucks to use 3d printing in spare parts production

by:QUESTT     2020-07-21
FRANKFURT (Reuters)-
Daimler, the world\'s largest truck maker, will use three
Size printing (3D)
In order to produce spare parts, digital technology is fundamentally reshaping the latest examples of automotive manufacturing and its supply chain.
Automakers, including BMW and Volkswagen, have not shipped auto parts around the world (VOWG_p. DE)
Trying so-
Called additive manufacturing.
This relies on sending the digital blueprint of the assembly to the printer, which makes parts by melting the powder into plastic, glass, metal and even ceramics using a laser.
By printing new parts, automakers can save on logistics and warehouse storage costs and produce complex components at low yields.
The technology is not ready to build high
As a result, automakers rely on traditional manufacturing methods to manufacture components such as metal body panels, which are manufactured using hydraulic metal stamping presses at a cost of up to 40 million euros ($44 mln)each.
However, advances in laser technology, heat and chemical processes mean that 3D printing can be used for some small batch custom components such as prototype cars and concept cars.
Daimler Trucks said on Wednesday that it will use a 3D printing process for plastic spare parts from September, including spring caps, air and cable pipes, clips, installation and control elements.
Daimler with Mercedes
The Mercedes-Benz brand, which has more than 100,000 printed prototype parts, said it will expand production using a 3D printing method.
The \"print\" spare parts of the truck manufacturer are based on the so-called selective laser sintering (SLS)
The printing process and ordering using special spare parts numbers, even on models that have been decades old and even discontinued.
Rival Audi said on Wednesday it will create a 3D capability center at its plant in Ingolstadt, Germany, by the end of this year to develop the production of steel and aluminum components.
Audi will use printers to make steel tools from October.
Volkswagen and BMW have been using 3D printing in the process of \"rapid prototyping\" for many years.
\"Due to multiple factors, the cost of additive manufacturing is expected to decline between 25% and 45% until 2020.
Improvement of laser machine and powder
Roland Berger, management consultant, said.
According to Roland Berger, the market share of the metal \"additive manufacturing\" market is less than 1% compared to the traditional machine tool market. Three-
Size printing is used in the aircraft industry.
The US Navy has installed systems for the production of spare parts on combat ships, such as repairing the nose cones of the damaged rier aircraft.
BMW has been experimenting with 3D technology since 1990, using 3D printing to make parts for Rolls Royce
Rolls Royce Phantom, the indicator light of the sleeve.
BMW says the company sees great potential for future applications of new customer products such as personalized auto parts.
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