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Books out, 3D printers in for reinvented US libraries

by:QUESTT     2020-06-23
Created through Aviva RutkinSpace in the small town of feitville, north of New York, you will find the local library in an Old Furniture Factory, starting in the 20 th century.
The renovated building retains traces of its industrial history: wooden floors, bare beams, walls with carefully labeled tools.
But instead of reading a pile of books quietly, many customers crowded around a 3D printer.
A machine is in the middle of a pink phone case;
The other is to finish a toy sword.
This is the maker lab in Fayetteville, and it is likely to be the future of the library.
In 2011, Fayettville became the first public library in the United States to establish a maker laboratory.
In addition to the 3D printer, the space is equipped with laser cutting machines, electronic kits, workshop tools, Raspberry Pi computers and a range of sewing machines.
It functions between the classroom and the beginning.
Up incubator-a place where people from the region can participate in state affairs --of-the-art technology.
Similar spaces have emerged across the country since the lab opened, including cities such as Sacramento, Pittsburgh, Denver and Detroit.
According to the American Library Association, about one of the six libraries now uses some of their space for making tools and activities.
The New York Public Library, one of the largest public libraries in the country, is focusing on these developments to inform the upcoming renovations.
\"In the United States, about 1 library in every 6 libraries now uses some of its space for making tools and activities \". As we gain more and more information through the Internet, quiet readers and bookish librarians are rapidly declining.
Websites like Wikipedia and huge online databases largely replace physical copies of reference books and journals.
Other books can be provided in digital form, or physical copies stored in invisible places can be provided through an automatic retrieval system.
These changes come at the same time as a profound and lasting recession.
As the work was hard to find, librarians began to notice that what their visitors were looking for from their library was more than just a quiet place to read.
More and more people are looking for information on how to switch careers or start a business.
\"From 2008, when the bubble burst and everything started to collapse, we were never so busy,\" said Sue consedin, director of the Free Library at feitville . \".
\"In many ways, it has snowballed into the real exciting rebirth of the public library, where startups, inventions and discoveries can happen.
\"It\'s an exciting rebirth for public libraries because it can be invented and discovered in these places,\" and some libraries are cleaning up their printed lists to make room for the lab.
In Tennessee, nearly three of the print collections of the Chattanooga Public Library-encyclopedias, reference articles, unpopular novels-were sold at public auctions, turning the entire floor
An academic library at the University of Reno, Nevada, put more than half of its inventory into the warehouse, freeing up 1700 of its space for manufacturing tools and work space.
It\'s not cheap to create a manufacturing space-for example, using a standard 3D printer that melts plastic can cost thousands of dollars.
But the Institute of Museum and Library Services, a US government agency, is supporting this growing movement.
It\'s already out for $2.
So far, the manufacturer has received a grant of 6 million. space projects.
This investment makes sense if the library is to fulfill their mission in society, says Colin Hill, director of Chattanooga, which is far beyond the scope of books.
\"We have been sending messages to the public;
We have done 3000.
\"We\'re just doing different things,\" she said . \".
\"I think the library is starting to see the light.
\"Although it is only a few years old, the library has achieved many successful business creation spaces (
View \"stack to start\"ups“).
At the Harrods Washington Library in Chicago, customers have developed prototypes for satellite trackers, dental hygiene instruments and guitar components.
Two graduate students used the Fayetteville Library to produce a new type of brain stem tube model and then authorized it to a medical equipment manufacturing company.
A patron in Nevada is currently negotiating with 3D to sell an original board gameprinted pieces.
Others use the space to strengthen existing small businesses.
For example, the cheese manufacturer used Chattanooga 3D-
A printer with a logo printed on his cheese wheel.
The maker space has even attracted the interest of major technology companies. Chicago’s “pop-
Up maker lab plans to last only six months last year.
But the site was so successful that it had more than 30,000 visitors that Google
Motorola Mobility\'s technology company says it will provide at least a year of funding for the sector.
Google itself later offered 500 lovely robots.
Appearance equipment that can be used to teach basic programming skills.
Ventables, a Chicago-based hardware company, was similarly inspired and donated 3D-
Engraving Machine all over the country.
Chicago Public Library Commissioner Brian Bannon said the maker space is now part of the city\'s goal of becoming a major hub for advanced manufacturing in the coming decades.
\"Getting people in touch with the technology in a more experienced way may help them identify advanced manufacturing as a product that suits them,\" he said . \".
Harold Washington Library is running a program designed to attract more women to traditional men --Leading areas.
So far, only over half of the students attending the training class are women, including training on how to use laser cutting machines and 3D printers.
Todd colgelov, a librarian at the University of Nevada at Renault, says the future of the library\'s noisy, chaotic innovation workshop is actually a form of return.
He said that the ancient Library of Alexandria was home to the world\'s first steam engine, an early example of a successful repair.
Such an environment may be needed.
Book learning is now easy to digitize, but tools and equipment to create and control modern society require highly specialized skills.
The only way to get them is by handon activity.
\"What it emphasizes more is not as a repository, but as a place for active learning,\" said Barbara Sterling, president of the American Library Association . \".
\"More and more, just having facts, it is not enough to just collect information.
You really need to be able to understand it and apply it the way you want it.
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