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behind the blade.

by:QUESTT     2020-07-10
Software cut programming time Ernest Bennett saw is USAK.
Leading manufacturer of professional circular saw blade.
The company has more than 7,000 blade variants in its portfolio, while more than 90% of its business involves custom manufacturing.
However, in installing EdgeCAM off-
From the production line programming system of Pathtrace, the company has been able to significantly simplify its production procedures.
Blade Manufacturing is a complex multi-level process that usually includes highly customized to meet the application needs of individual users and the materials, tasks they use-
Like the laser imitation of the previous saw blank--
Programs that used to take more than half an hour to program can now be done in just two minutes.
The efficiency of EdgeCAM is like this, and for repeat orders, drawing and programming blades from scratch is faster than finding previous drawings!
Sheffield was founded in 1956.
Ernest Bennett saw has more than 140 employees in New Hampshire.
Martin Bennett, the founder\'s son and general manager, pointed out: \"Far from the public --
We often produce 1 to 5 products for a wide customer base.
From companies working on metal to kitchen cabinets.
Saws are critical to their production process because the entire production line stops if the saw stops.
Therefore, when we hold certain stocks for many customers, we need to minimize our financial risks and shorten our lead time as much as possible while maintaining a high level of customer service.
\"The space to reduce actual manufacturing time is small because automation is difficult and can be very expensive with such a high variety and low batch size, says Bennett.
CNC laser cutting of various blade profiles obtained from hardened and tempered steel plates, using design data developed on AutoCAD has made significant progress in process improvement, eight separate operations were eliminated and production lead times were reduced to less than three weeks from the previous six weeks.
However, for the remainder of the entire process, there are few improvements, including leveling, surface grinding and welding of carbide tips, which are then ground and sharpened, followed by laser etching of product information.
This means a further lead.
Time reduction needs to be concentrated in the early stage
\"The production process,\" explains Bennett.
\"About a year ago, we realized that the existing blade design software was out of date and that the design process itself was time consuming.
There are a few simple fixed parameters, but they are created mainly by experience.
Each blade design takes at least 15 or 20 minutes to program, while an additional 10 minutes are required later
The processor that generates the CNC program for the laser.
We need to reduce this time and incorporate our experience into the software to produce something that is basically \"foolproof, in this way, people can quickly receive training to use the system. To Bennett\'s surprise, there is no result.
\"We didn\'t get a particularly big response until Pathtrace scheduled a demo of EdgeCAM off-
\"Programming software online,\" he said.
The presentation is based on a gear cutter design, a widely comparable process involving many parameters.
They can be independent variables or interdependent and can be applied to similar appearance objects.
\"It\'s got us thinking about how to apply this approach to saw blade production,\" added Bennett . \".
\"Then, we made the stage drawings for each manufacturing operation process and arranged them in the order we thought they would be appropriate for EdgeCAM.
From this point, Pathtrace has developed a program, not to mention \"it\'s right for the first time \".
\"There are many elements and parameters in the design process of the saw blade.
Some are known in advance, such as blade diameter, number of teeth, size of central drive holes, presence or absence of keyway, and need to have one or more bullet hole arrays around the diameter of a given circle.
However, the rest-
Shape of tooth type with front angle and clearance angle, radius of punching ditch and fillet, type and position of expansion slot and cooling hole-
It depends mainly on experience.
\"This is the type of information we need to capture in the software that can be released automatically
Handle it in the right order, \"said Bennett.
\"Our previous systems involved a lot of time-consuming manual selection, error-prone and very inconsistent,\" he added . \".
The EdgeCAM system, which has been running successfully in Bennett for about a year, uses an Excel spreadsheet where the operator enters the blade parameters provided by the office.
The information includes the diameter of the saw blade, the number of teeth, the size of the drive hole and the tooth hook angle, which vary depending on the material to be cut by the blade.
The process calls various tables and formulas, automatically generates other parameters according to basic information, and can be manually overwritten if necessary.
The number and type of expansion slots for any pin holes, part numbers, work orders and customer information, quantity, size and bolt holes are also entered.
EdgeCAM then uses this data to generate a profile that the operator can accept or reject-
Or he can choose to zoom in to check a feature more closely.
He can also change the parameters if needed.
Although the \"first correct\" design of the system has a high incidence, the eyeball method still plays a role.
This is especially true in extreme cases of this range, since the pitch can be between 6mm and 150mm, especially on blades with larger diameters, normal \"rules\" may not apply.
When the operator is satisfied, EdgeCAM displays the laser profile path and generates the CNC code at the same time.
Then download to the disk, ready for laser cutting.
Martin Bennett also saw other benefits.
Although the same operator is the primary user, the structure of the new system allows anyone to use it under minimal instructions.
He said, \"the old system is too long --winded.
If you don\'t use it often, you may forget how it works.
\"In addition, Bennett said that the operator\'s time has been released so that he can now take responsibility for ensuring compliance with the company\'s ISO 9002 registration.
\"Although there is no plan to do so at present, if the added business requires a second CNC laser cutting machine, the new system can also maintain this function effortlessly.
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