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Basics of Laser Cutting

by:QUESTT     2020-06-02
Laser cutting technology is widely regarded as the most feasible solution to accurately cut materials of various required sizes and shapes.It is considered a country.of-the-Artistic method of water and electricity cuttingThin molded parts and tubesSheet metal and thick-Divide the material accurately.Compared with traditional plasma cutting, this technology has many advantages and is considered to be the most accurate cutting technology today.This cutting technology provides the preferred cutting without hindering or deformation workpiece.Laser cutting technology is widely used in all walks of life and manufacturing: how does it work? A high-intensity laser beam is generated in the laser source and faces the workpiece using mirrors placed in different positions.This intense laser beam is then focused by the lens on a small point on the surface of the material to be cut.High-intensity laser beams quickly heat and melt the workpiece.At this stage, in order to protect and cool the focus lens, the cutting gas required is also called auxiliary gas.According to the type of cutting gas used, laser cutting is divided into two types.They are: cut with oxygenUse oxygen as an auxiliary gas, heat the material to the ignition temperature by laser, and then burn and evaporate.Non-cuttingReactive gasThis clean-Due to the strength of the laser beam, cutting or high-pressure cutting can cause the workpiece to melt.Then, the melted material is blown out of the cutting cut through the kinetic energy of the gas jet.Since the non-reactive gas does not react with the melted material, no additional heat is generated during the process.Laser cutting has become one of the widely used cutting methods compared to conventional plasma cutting because of its advantages as follows: there are several well-known leading companies offering laser cuttingProvide services to industries around the world.These service providers cut a variety of materials using their advanced laser cutting methods, such as Nitinol, super alloy, nickel, tungsten, titanium, steel, copper, brass, aluminum, ceramics, quartz, rubber and so on.
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