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Tips on Making a Laser Engraver

by:QUESTT     2020-05-26
Laser engraving is small, handmadeHand-held cutting tool that allows you to perform delicate cutting and even engraving using a laser.The price of this laser carving is cheaper than that of the store-Bought the laser, but it can also work.Make a laser engraver in a few hours.You need to cut metal, plastic or even wood with a laser engraver.Here are some simple steps for you.Step 1, you have to insert the diode into the module in the direction on the module.Modules of different brands are usually installed differently.You must read the instructions carefully.Next, you have to cut a round hole large enough at the end of the plastic housing to hold the module, and then cut the opening at the top of the housing of the power switch.You need to make a circular opening at the other end of the plastic housing of the power cord.After that, you can turn on the chassis and then put the module and power switch into the correct hole.Stick the modules and power switches in the chassis in order to secure them in the appropriate position.The module will come with the Red Line and the connected black line.The red one is positive, and the black one is the ground wire.You must connect the wires in the module to the power switch.For the next step, you can put the voltage current limiter into the power cord hole and on-off switch.After that, you have to connect the current limiter to the power switch with a wire.You should also connect the module wires to the output section and then connect the restricted wires to the input section.It is also important to slide the power cord into the correct hole.Then, connect the wire of the power cord to the throttle.To secure the power cord in place, apply glue around the power cord.You also need to stick the qualifier in the right place.In the last step, you can close the box and seal it with hot glue.This will protect the internal work of the laser.
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