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the true workhorse behind the maker revolution (hint: it\'s not 3d printers)

by:QUESTT     2020-04-17
The Christopher Koch3D printer is cool, new and fun.
They certainly have great potential.
It\'s not a small feat to build something unique with matter layer by layer in front of our eyes, right?
But my colleague Stephanie auvbi\'s research found that the real main force driving the increase in the customization of finished products on the production line is computer numerical control (CNC)Machine.
Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, funded by the United States. S.
The Ministry of Defense has developed the first CNC Machine Tool (
Prototype of modern CNC machine tools)
More than 50 years ago.
But the high cost of computing power at the time meant that the machine did not provide a cost advantage over humans.
However, with the reduction of processing capacity, the numerical control machine tool has gradually replaced manpower.
Alternative devices like factories, routers and lathes.
CNC machines make it easier for companies to customize products;
Change is just a matter of reprogramming the software.
While traditionally used to cut or remove materials, computer numerical control is the real driving force behind many increasingly affordable production technologiesfor-
Manufacturing Movement: but it\'s not just big companies that benefit from the next generation of production tools.
TechShop offers 15,000 for paid members-
Square feet of shops with everything from 3D printers and CNC machines to textile labs and water jets is one of the fastest growing private companies in the United StatesS.
Start-up companies like me
Realized, Kraftwurx, Ponoko, Shapeways and Sculpteo bookmakers operate brisk 3D printing services and community contacts, unique products for buyers and sellers, from those small games, jewelry and household items.
A month three years ago, the shape has grown from about 7,000 unique prints to about 70,000 today.
Manufacturers no longer monopolize the mode of production;
These new industrial tools may be available soon.
We recently discussed with a number of experts the future of the manufacturer\'s campaign and how the manufacturer can play a role in report 5 to give more ROI to the company\'s training.
Have you tried these technologies?
Let me know, please?
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