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put vegetables in 3d printers to make children eat them, research suggests

by:QUESTT     2020-07-14
The researchers suggest that vegetables should be made into shapes in 3d.
A series of fruits and vegetables were used in the experiment, which were shaped into different structures to attract primary school students.
Before pouring the mixture into a 3D printer, a team of academics mixed bananas, white beans, mushrooms and milk together.
Then a computer was used to make a snack in the shape of an octopus.
Experts believe that 3D printing of food may become the norm for restaurants, schools and families, and the lead author of the study, Professor Kara sevelini of the University of FORJA, said, these results show the future direction of development.
\"The ingredients for this snack are the source of iron, calcium, and vitamin D.
Some of them are not what the children like, but the shape of the octopus [it’s different]
MS Severini told The Times.
\"Other examples are fish and cauliflower, two ingredients that have traditionally been rejected by children.
In addition, we are also investigating insect-based printed snacks, which are very rich in protein but absolutely rejected by Westerners.
\"Can different mixtures be of quality?
Produced and purchased by the school?
We strongly hope so.
\"These results are published in the Journal of Food Engineering, and YFood\'s chief executive, Nadia Hadley, believes that the use of 3D printers provides an opportunity to experiment with different types of food.
\"British children have long been seriously disconnected from food and the obesity crisis is a symptom of this situation,\" she said . \".
\"The best way to teach them a nutritious and healthy diet is to make them grow, prepare and cook their own dishes from an early age and make it exciting.
\"Printing meals is a great opportunity as it can try the taste, form and texture.
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