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Purchase of Laser Engraver Machine

by:QUESTT     2020-05-26
A) carved rubber board for carton printing.Most laser engraving machines can be engraved on rubber boards, so you don\'t need to choose a multi-function, fast machine, because most functions can be used in the first place;Secondly, the speed is fast and the depth of engraving is shallow, which cannot meet the demand of printing.Recommendation: buy the right laser machine for engraving Rubber Board, the price is cheap, and the return is fast.B) carving process.Most laser sculptors can carve crafts and purchase according to the application.Carved bamboo, wood, concept: small machine, size like 300*400mm, low price, high precision.Carved wooden and wine boxes: 500*70mm and 600*900mm in size, up and down work table for long boxes.Carved bamboo: Dimensions of 500x700mm and 600x900mm, upper and lower work tables and rotating units.Carved large format Wood: 600*900mm in size, upper and lower work table, open through front and back door, place large board.Engraving Year card: size 500*700mm, 600*900mm, there is a cutting table, the paper will not be burned during the work, the speed is fast.C) cut acrylic.Most laser engraving machines can cut acrylic, but you \'d better use a special laser cutting machine, in which the optimized design is specially cut and the cutting effect is very good.If you insist on buying an ordinary laser engraving machine, it is necessary to buy a machine with a knife-shaped workbench.Note: it is not possible to believe that 60 w or 80 w laser power can cut 20mm acrylic.Even if the acrylic is cut off, the edges are very bad.The normal value is: 60 w laser power can be cut 8-10mm acrylic, 80 w laser power cut 8-15mm acrylic.D) engraving and cutting clothing and leather.Buy laser engraving machine with fast speed and honeycomb workbench.
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