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Paper industry price-fixing probe includes major label stock producers.

by:QUESTT     2020-04-23
Illegal cartel agreement and/or counter
Today, competitive pricing seems to be a regular feature of the European cardboard industry.
The latest investigation began in May 25, when the European Commission conducted a series of raids on the offices of major European paper makers, which also included their subsidiaries in North America.
Of course, such a preliminary action does not prejudge whether the company is guilty.
Similar survey in 1995
After 96 years, the pricing of newspaper and magazine paper was closed and there was no evidence of a violation.
The difference this time was that the producers of label paper, recycled paper and pulp wood chips were attracted to the survey.
The operation started in Finland and raided offices. Kymmene (
Companies with UPM label paper and Raflatac)
The Finnish Competition Authority is responsible.
Its director general, Matti Purasjoki, said the investigation could take months, or even up to a year, in order to achieve results on the allegations, if any.
UPM is already the subject of a grand jury investigation in the United States, investigating pricing allegations in the label stock business after receiving asubpoena on last August.
In April 2003, UPM had planned to acquire label stock maker remactac from Bemis, but a civil antitrust lawsuit blocked the deal.
UPM\'s general counsel said the group launched an internal survey of competition practices covering all sectors in spring 2003.
It has also implemented additional competition law compliance programs for employees, indicating that it is zero tolerance for any antitrust activity.
In January, upm provided information to the competition authorities in the EU, the US and Canada.
This move gives UPM a full understanding of \"certain acts disclosed to the authorities\", but no further comments are expected during the investigation.
The paper experts believe that the information of UPM has prompted the Finnish Competition management agencies-
As part of the survey, the Finnish forestry group real and Matsaalitto.
Ahlstrom confirmed that it was included in the investigation into the release of the liner and the label panel.
Norway is not one of the 25 EU Member States, but state regulators raided the offices of the Norwegian Skog newspaper business.
The German Federal Broadcasting Corporation is also investigating several magazines and news Mills.
In another action, the national competition authority recently imposed a fine of [total]euro]57. 6 million ($71. 3million)
After discovering a series of regional cartels believed to have hurt German printersand their customers, there were 12 paper dealers and 46 people.
In the United States Ali Denison company Bemis.
He confirmed that European Commission officials and competition authorities in relevant countries had visited their respective factories and obtained documents related to European factories.
Avery Dennisonhas has facilities in the Netherlands and Germany, while Bemis has a sensitive material business in Belgium.
International newspapers confirmed that the antitrust department of the US Department of Justice visited the company, and the North American department of stoura ENSO was also surprised by the document summons.
The investigation into the so-called cartel took a long time to resolve, and therefore brought considerable uncertainty to the board.
For those found guilty, the European Commission has the right to impose huge antitrust fines.
For companies that work with investigators, they can be reduced or even abandoned, but recent headlines suggest that cartel spoilers in the EU have not been overturned.
It imposed a record fine on [euro]497 million ($611 million)
Microsoft abuses the monopoly of the PC market-
Now to appeal by the EU court. -
And nailedHoffman-
Laroche, a Swiss chemical company, is [euro]462 million ($568million)
Because of its role in vitamin prices with BASF and other companies,fixing cartel.
On January 2002, 10 European companies, including market leader Arjo Wiggins carbon-free, were fined [euro]278 million($341 million)
A carbon-free cartel was established.
The latest EU survey will be difficult to help paper companies that want to implement price increases in certain expansion markets after the last attempt fails.
The French label printer obtained the first RDP sleeve printing machine. For most label converters, the top of the web offset press market is rare, especially when it involves a new type of board/sleeve technology
France is a large cutting producer. and-
Stacked beverage label located in Croy, northeast France.
This is the first installation of LS-
RDPMarathon is equipped with a solid 100 variable size printing machine (
Sleeve offset flat version with Independent Drive)technology. The 38.
Extensive news from Montreal
The repeat range of Basedmanufacturer is between 24 \"and 36\" and includes a SmartSet computerized pressure control system.
The sleeve is mounted between the hard metal core shaft to provide a hard pressure design.
Inserts can be exchanged with other RDP inserts in the basic printing carrier, including flexo printing, traditional three
Cylinderoffset inserts and dry offset prints.
The LS press uses a separate servo device on each insert to drive each board and carpet cartridge assembly, so 7-
Only seven servo motors are required for color printing machines.
This method claims to save a lot of cost compared to similar servo systemsdriven presses.
France\'s offset facility is part of Illochroma LabellingGroup, which dates back to 1898 and is Europe for glue labels, sleeves and packaging made from paper, foil and film in the beverage industry
The group has seven manufacturing bases in six countries in Western Europe and Central Europe.
It has about a thousand employees and has a total of 151 separate printing units on various recessed, flexo and offset printing machines.
As mentioned in the 5/6 monthly, it partnered with Mason OH\'s Spear of Mason to run the IlloSpear joint venture to serve the global beer industry. Small-
Running a British label printer from itself
Helping organizations continue to put pressure on small and medium-sized enterprises
In the competitive market, adhesive label printers have prompted some UK label converters to set up the UK short-term label Association (BSRLA).
It aims to promote the interests of many small companies that are mainly engaged in short-term work, most of which are aimed at end users.
So far, it has received support from 26 companies.
They generally recognize that while the industry has maintained a slow volume growth, the continued pressure pricing and increasing costs of multinational suppliers have made trading conditions difficult.
The association developed its own website (www. bsrla. org. uk), aprivate e-
Mail discussion forums and codes of conduct aimed at promoting ethical, fair and sustainable trade in the market.
It is also investigating group buying of some raw materials.
Adrian Steele of Mercian label Co. , Ltd. said: \"We hope to establish a useful forum for smaller UK label printers to discuss some issues, including the current wave of material price increases
Who led the plan?
\"Existing organizations like FINAT have few improvements to smaller UK label printers and converters.
We\'re not going to golf or dinner. -
This is not a problem.
People hate to pay [Pound)300 to [Pound)
500 subscription (
About $540 to $900)
For those associations that do not help them.
\"We also want to encourage fair and honest practices in trade to identify, isolate and ultimately eliminate unethical practices that continue to operate in certain sectors of the industry,\" Steele added . \".
This refers to the practice of working for the trade of other printers and then reaching out directly to their customers.
BSRLA concerns about raw material prices could lead to a collaborative purchase plan involving several selected suppliers.
Stork enters the laser engraving flexible board market quickly
The latest developments in the mobile world of plate imaging involve the Netherlands-
The plate department of Stork printing company and BASF Company.
Stork offers the triple of its patents
It is said that beam laser technology makes direct laser engraving a viable alternative to soft plate processing in terms of copy quality and output speed.
BASF is developing a seamless flexible sleeve for Nyloflex ITR, including direct laser engraving.
In the label converter, Stork is known for its rotating screen RSI unit for the combined label printing machine (
Mini Unit compact version is new).
However, by providing pre-press and printing systems for the texture industry, it has considerable experience in laser engraving. The triple-
The Stork BDE 4131 andadeos 413X direct engraving unit uses a beam method.
Technically interesting is themeus 611X, which is described as the industry\'s first laser engraving machine for flexible plates and rotary screen cylinders.
Space available for storks claimsit
Save, turn-key pre-press answer using many converters that are narrow
Web page combination printing method.
Philips has established an RFID partnership with checkpoint and successfully implemented any low
The cost RFID technology in the supply chain obviously depends on the RF-
Based on product identification systems and the electronics industry.
The latest developments in this regard include.
Inspection Station system for European and Royal Philips Electronics.
In the strategic alliance, these companies will provide RFID-
Combined with system integration services for retailers and fast-
Consumer goods companies.
They have partnered on several European retail industry projects using Philips\'s HF and ultra-high frequency RFID chips.
Philippe e Duverne, vice president of Philips Semiconductor, said Checkpoint is in a good position in the retail industry: \"rfid has brought great opportunities for value creation, especially in the retail industry, this partnership will focus on seizing these opportunities.
\"So far this year, the checkpoint has been in more than 12 in-
Stores and supply chain applications.
Both companies hope that cooperation through advanced manufacturing technologies and processes will significantly reduce the cost of RFID tags.
Flint Ink promotes investment in Austria and Poland
Schmidt invested heavily in the label and packaging ink manufacturing plant in Vienna to improve efficiency and productivity.
The investment is part of Flint Ink\'s manufacturing investment program in Europe, India, the Pacific Rim and New Zealand.
A liquid ink manufacturing plant in Kodz, Poland is also undergoing a major upgrade, which is for fast-
Markets in Central and Eastern Europe are growing. Flint-
Schmidt recently installed a new mixing facility for water and solvent-based flexo and intaglio inks.
The Kodz plant is also a distribution center in the region.
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