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New Open Source Laser Cutter Hits Market

by:QUESTT     2020-06-27
Dinosaurs do not usually appear in the same sentence as the word \"grace.
So I think any device called Lasersaur would follow the same logic, but I was wrong.
This new open source laser cutter is as elegant as an iPhone or iPod.
The project is the creation of Addie Wagenknecht and Stefan Hechenberger who want to bring an open source laser cutting machine for manufacturers and inventors and consumers who want to try to make things every day.
Most laser cutting machines are very expensive, so their goal is to get a suitable size unit in the range of $2,500 to $5,000.
They took the project to Kickstarter.
And successfully received funding from more and more beta users. Ms.
Wagenknecht said one of their goals is to list the sources of supply available worldwide.
They provide a bill of materials, parts list on site and from suppliers where you can get most of the parts, but you need Lasersaur\'s core kit now.
You can purchase it through the simple Paypal Buy Now button of the core suite.
They have dozens of beta users around the world building laser cutting machines.
It\'s built for manufacturers, architects and decorators who can start making their own stuff.
The device will cut half an inch of material with a precision of up to 100 microns.
My assumption is that the founder is an engineer,founder Ms.
Wagenknecht explained that she was an artist, not an engineer.
She shared that she was surrounded by engineers and technicians from the open source community who supported their work in helping Lasersaur land.
When she spoke to one of her professors, he told her, \"You\'re absolutely crazy!
But that did not stop them.
Making your own machines is a big trend in the manufacturer community.
Democracy in manufacturing.
Wagenknecht reminded me that it happened elsewhere.
You can take a look at all the 3D printers and see the trends that the machine is reproducing at work --
Reprap, Makerbot, Makergear, new Printrbot.
Nortd Labs, the parent company of Lasersaur, is trying to uncover the mystery of technology and make people think about possibilities.
She said it was very interesting to watch the community grab the concept and start building Lasersaur and see people jump in so passionately.
Learn more about the Lasersaur laser cutter and see some really cool Flickr photo streams here.
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