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Laser Marking: New Technology, Better world!!

by:QUESTT     2020-05-17

In this marking process, laser beams can be used as a choice, permanent marking on a wide variety of materials, laser welding is patented after 90 as a process, but now it has such a wide range of applications in various industries.For example, in metal products, permanent marks can be made in the form of complex logos of companies that manufacture permanent marks, various identification marks, such as batch numbers, the serial number and time and even the barcode are all done with the help of the laser.For other types of materials, a more traditional method of hot firing was previously used, and since it was used for substances such as plastics, rubber, this method would destroy the surface of the material.The reaction to high temperature is very rapid, but now, this complex surface can also be marked in any way the manufacturer wants, because the laser does not bring any changes to their basic structure, and can be marked in a very precise and complex way.• Diode-pumped solid-State lasers, etc.Not only is this thelaser marked material also very durable, because the actual material of the product and any kind of wear, cracks have not changed significantly, acidsetc does not affect the anti-chemical exposure ability of the actual material.They can be used to mark natural materials such as wood, rubber, hardwood floors, etc, and can be carved using very low-intensity laser beams.Marks on stone, glass and other such materials need to be very careful, which are done using techniques such as sandblasting, diamond tool drill bits, etc.It has now been replaced by lasers because they are more precise and can be done more complex.It is also used for engraving on flexo plates and cylinders, as well as on a wide variety of rubber plates, and also for engraving on polymers for photographic purposes and other types of new metal alloys.Therefore, laser marking provides a very specific and industry-based way for manufacturing to Mark substances at low cost.Jonahan Jfell, the owner of the site, has been writing articles for a long time.For further laser etching, laser engraving and laser etching, please visit the website.
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