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Laser Cutting Machines

by:QUESTT     2020-06-12
The word laser is used as a common name, but it is actually an acronym, representing the stimulated emission light amplification of radiation.The highly concentrated beam it produces can quickly apply energy even in a one-minute area.It can be easily controlled by mirrors and lenses, essentially as light.It can travel at the highest possible speed, can travel in a straight line in an empty space, can transmit information.Using these properties of the laser, there are many uses for the laser.One of them is cutting.The principle of laser cutting machine is to focus a lot of energy it produces on a small area (even microscopic ).A constant beam hitting the area causes it to melt or evaporate.Cutting is generated by moving the object being cut or moving the laser beam to the surface.As a cutting tool, laser cutting machine has many applications.Some of its wellsAs a surgical tool, there are known applications in medicine.Manufacturing and printing as etching tools, garment industry as fabric cutter, metal manufacturing as welding and cutting tools.Is laser cutting of metal laser?The most common and beneficial industrial applications.With the help of laser cutting machine, it is easy and seamless to cut metal with complex profile and profile.Its high quality cutting capacity and fast cutting speed eliminate further processing of the metal, reduce production costs and increase the productivity of certain companies using the technology.Advances in laser cutting machines, including beam quality, laser power, ease of use and operation, and material improvement, make it possible for laser cutting machines to cut metal with a wide range of materialsSize and tubular profiles.Highly advanced laser cutting machines with this capability are very helpful in the automotive industry.In a laser cutting machine for cutting metal, flyingOptical laser, hybrid laser, punch-Pivot laser machineBeam laser and pulse laser.Flying-The optical laser cutting machine cuts fast, but the cutting speed is cheaper due to its fixed X and y-axis tables.They are able to move two dimensions on the cut material.A more efficient and powerful hubThe beam laser on the other has the x-axis-Ability to travel.Punch-The laser machine is a high power laser that can cut up to 3,500 W of metal.They perform several tasks including punching, marking, contour and bending.They are mainly used for cutting external parts and complex internal profiles.On the other hand, the pulse laser machine produces high power output in a short period of time.They are ideal for piercings because they are able to produce high power outputs in a short period of time.
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