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Forget plastic — Glowforge 3D laser printer builds with wood, fabric, leather

by:QUESTT     2020-08-10
Forget what you know about traditional 3D printers, because Seattle-
Beijing-based companies have announced the next generation of 3D buildings.
This revolutionary new machine, called The Glowforge 3D laser printer, abandons the common pattern of printing with additives, but cuts off the supplied material and produces almost anything you want.
Want to design your own etched leather wallet?
Just provide the leather you want to use, upload the design you want to the web or smartphone app for Glowforge, voila!
The printer etched your design perfectly on the leather while also cutting it into a shape that is easy to fold into the wallet.
Your imagination limits possibilities.
First introduced the campaign through Kickstarter in 2015, Glowforge then set up 30-
Raise more than $27 on a daily crowdfunding record. 9 million.
While it will actually take some time for these printers to go public, on Monday, April 23, Glowforge officially removed the lid from the 3D laser printer.
Now, whether you want to print a personalized genuine leather pet collar, coffee maker, outdoor business logo, or even a pediatric surgery training tool, you should be able to do so when you touch the buttons of this device.
\"From the very beginning, we designed the Glowforge 3D laser printer to unleash people\'s creativity,\" said CEO Dan Shapiro . \".
\"We started to reshape the idea of \'home.
What if you can print out what you want when you need it?
What if you could turn a design sketch into a real thing you can use without complex software?
What if your gift is personal and not purchased?
What if it\'s easy to print your ideas hundreds of times so you can do business?
Because the Glowforge 3D laser printer is made using a subtraction manufacturing process rather than a traditional additive, the list of compatible materials is almost endless.
In addition to many other mediums, owners have the option to use wood, fabric, felt, acrylic, paper and even chocolate.
After putting the preferred material into the printer, Glowforge began using very precise laser engraving and etching products.
In the demo video posted on the company\'s website (
And embedded above)
It claims that the laser has the precise precision of up to the width of human hair.
In addition to the innovative hardware of glowforge\'s sprinter, themachine claims to even allow the most amateur artists to create unique projects.
You can upload image files, hand-painted sketches, or you can start your project using one of the many available templates and designs for Glowforge.
In addition, users can customize or create new images and templates through Glowforge\'s web app or using a smartphone.
If it is not ideal to use a computer program, the printer can analyze the drawn image and then cut or etching the material accordingly.
Glowforge does not require any additional software, only a stable Wi-
Connect to work.
You can create and print from software including Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Autodesk 360 and Sketchup or forego software-
Glowforge is equipped with a camera capable of scanning drawings and converting them into prints.
Glowforge Basic, Plus, and Pro are now available for purchase on the company\'s website, but please note that these devices are not cheap.
The basic version will save you $2,495 for home and hobby use.
The Plus, which costs $3,995, features \"upgraded components\" and more features for printing 20% faster, with a double warranty.
Finally, Pro is designed for serious designers, entrepreneurs and small businesses that can be used throughout the day.
Glowforge claims that this model can print large items like home and furniture, but you will need to be willing to pay $5,995.
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