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by:QUESTT     2020-06-25
Briqukhojay KHODIYAR machine tool is one of the top manufacturers and service providers of Gujarat Rajkot biomass molding plant, by understanding the individual\'s responsibility for the global environment, we provide the best solution to save valuable energy resources, recycling of organic waste.
Biomass coal pellets are commonly used for power generation, heating and cooking fuel, mainly made of green waste and other organic materials.
These compressed compounds include a variety of organic materials, including grain shells, biological enzymes, nut shells, municipal solid waste, and agricultural waste.
Due to the supply of raw materials, the composition of coal balls varies from region to region.
In order to burn for a longer period of time, making it easier to transport goods, raw materials are collected and compressed into fuel types.
These coal balls are very different from charcoal because they don\'t have a lot of material and add materials.
Compared to fossil fuels, the net greenhouse gas emissions generated by coal pellets are low, as the materials used are already an integral part of the carbon cycle.
We offer high quality biomass block press equipment and provide assembled biomass blocks.
Like an ISO 9001-
2008 certified company, we have more information about satisfied customers all over India.
As the press block manufacturer, we offer the best quality biomass Press block or agricultural bio
In order to meet the needs of global customers, large-scale molding factories.
In addition, our fuel Press Mill is popular for its best performance.
Our machines are made of Grade 5mm and Grade 2mm steel plates.
It features a heavy-duty welded structure and a sturdy Motor support.
Our crusher and Shredder are equipped with fixed motors.
Engine-driven models and machines connected to the tractor PTO for tractor 3 point connection.
The machine is equipped with a large loading hopper and sharp knives, which is very convenient for leaves, small branches and coconut shells.
Chop up the scrap.
Large Hopper allows smooth entry of organic waste.
The blade is made of high grade steel and has fast performance.
It also features a dynamically balanced rotor panel, a V-belt drive, and a shard blade.
The chip blade is sturdy by the hardening design and is made of high quality steel.
Provide a reversible shredding knife with free swing for different types related to crushing and crushing.
The design of the precise giant brq 9075 model can be used as the preferred unit for biotechnology
Press Machine in India.
The machine is manufactured with cutting-edge technology to provide maximum output.
Thanks to our innovative design, it is technically a solid and smooth functional model.
We provide our quality styles for the industry-
Industry-leading prices.
We began to climb the ladder of success through innovative ideas and in-depth information on all types of technical aspects related to our products, and developed our super
Type 65, the press machine is our first step related to technological progress.
Our high speed model comes with a get hammer crusher.
The highly accurate hammer pulverizer can efficiently convert all kinds of raw materials into powder form.
Then process the material in the form of powder to make the bioBlock.
This model is effectively applied to a wide range of raw materials, whether it is a cane pine bag or a peanut shell, sawdust or a grain shell.
This is also effective for mixing raw materials. SUPER-
The 65 model is well suited for medium production capacity with minimal capital expenditure.
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