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trw\'s lasers point to new era in defense

by:QUESTT     2020-08-06
Terminology used by experts to describe TRW
Amazing these days.
\"TRW has clearly positioned itself as a leader in the world\'s military applications.
\"Energy lasers are a technology the Bush administration wants to accelerate,\" said a Washington defense adviser.
\"TRW has a leading edge in technology that could change war in the next 50 years,\" said a defense industry investment analyst . \".
TRW\'s recent battlefield communications and control technology is part of the successful interception of fake missiles in the national missile defense system test. Its space-
The headquarters laser, which is receiving more research funding from the Pentagon, will be part of a missile defense plan for the next decade.
The Bush administration\'s support for the national missile defense system has caused controversy around the world, but as TRW\'s emerging product line has shown, it is indeed part of a larger trend in the military space.
The company is also a leading developer of airborne laser weapons capable of destroying missiles in flight.
The weapons installed on Boeing 747 will be tested in 2003 and 2004.
TRW is a developer at the top of tactics.
Energy laser, a potential AmericanS.
The successful use of military weapons by Israeli forces in the test of shooting down Russian rockets.
In addition, the space and technology department of TRW is concentrated in Redondo Beach and is developing a solid-
State lasers that can change the design and manufacture of microchips-
And it is possible to develop into a small laser weapon installed on fighter jets and Jeeps.
These days, however, the technology warehouse has not been praised by investors.
Shares of TRW--
It closed at $43 on Friday. 52 a share--
There has been no progress in the past five years, and its price is 25% lower than a year and a half ago.
The company\'s auto parts business is huge, accounting for 64% of TRW\'s annual sales of $17 billion, but only 38% of pre-tax profits.
The space and technology sector is doing the opposite, with 62% of revenue generating 36% of profits.
David Scott, the company\'s new chief executive, is from GE.
Two years ago, TRW got its highest position this year and was under pressure from shareholders to demand higher share prices.
Scott admitted last week that \"TRW looks like a technology company that is seen as a car company.
As a result, he will try to change people\'s opinion and stock performance.
But TRW is not a simple company.
It has been a car parts company since the 1950 s, when California aerospace pioneers Simon Lamo and Dean wooldrich took their fledgling aerospace company
Ramo explained today that they did so because at the time a tech company needed a reassuring \"stability and dividend\" from a basic industrial car company if it was going to attract financing.
TRW Auto Parts first-class operation--a world-
Leading manufacturers of airbag mechanisms, electronic braking systems and other components.
In addition, TRW is currently carrying about $5 billion in debt, due to the acquisition of LucasVarity, a British car and aerospace parts manufacturer, by 1999.
But the acquisition helped TRW increase the supply of flight control and other systems to Europe\'s growing commercial aircraft manufacturer Airbus Industries.
All of this makes TRW a fascinating study in several ways.
The challenge for the company is to realize its technical potential while reducing its debt and address its aerospace and automotive component structures.
TRW is also attractive because its laser weapons are likely to change the war in the coming decades.
The Bush administration, led by Defense Secretary Donald lensfeld, is building \"space systems and missile defense technologies such as lasers, the next generation of war and deterrence priorities \"He is the head of the investment partner at the defense investment bank Quarterdeck.
Missile technology has changed the war from an ICBM of 1950 to Today\'s computers.
Missiles and thermal missiles
Looking for a battlefield rocket
Missiles make all aircraft, ships and tanks more vulnerable.
The anti-missile defense system is a megawatt laser.
A strong concentrated current beam that Burns and destroys anything it hits.
\"It is a weapon without delay.
If it sees a target, it will hit it at the speed of light, \"said defense analyst Loren Thompson, chief operating officer of the Lexington Institute in Arlington, Va. , think tank.
According to Thompson, TRW\'s projects with Boeing include airborne lasers.
And Lockheed Martin.
In the next five years, from State of study to full military action.
The trend is clear.
Anti-missile strategy and precision laser weapons reflect the increasing importance of information technology in war and defense budgets.
This is an area of other Southern California companies such as TRW and Northrop Grumman.
Space division of Boeing and Raytheon
Proficient in El Segundo operation.
Expertise will not appear quickly or unexpectedly.
TRW has been working on lasers since 1961, said Tom Romesser, vice president of space and electronics at the company.
With the help of the Pentagon research fund, the company has developed other technologies, especially microchips based on arsenic-based aluminum instead of silicon, the fastest semiconductor.
It developed chips for military and space satellites and used them for wireless telecom.
TRW recently set up a joint venture with Japan\'s Hitachi to commercialize its telecom microchips.
Similarly, TRW strives to develop a solid-
National electronic laser-
Contrary to the laser using chemical reactions-
Produce high
The energy beam enables it to make progress in laser exposure technology and can provide more information on a single microchip.
TRW is working with Intel in this regard. , Motorola Inc.
And Advanced Micro Equipment CompanyWhat is ahead?
Pierre Chao, aerospace analyst at Credit Suisse First Boston, said: \"In the short term, Scott can barely do anything but spend the slow time in the automotive industry . \".
The chief executive of TRW told analysts that he would cut costs, reduce debt and focus on TRW\'s advanced products.
Cao speculated that TRW could become two companies in the long run.
TRW\'s weapons development is on the same path as the United States. S.
Cao pointed out that the national defense strategy.
This could make it one of the \"largest aerospace companies in the next 50 years.
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In the words of investment analysts, the light under BushelTRW is \"a great aerospace company buried under auto parts \".
\"The company is based in reddondo Beach but is based in Cleveland and most of its sales come from automotive products, but most of its profits come from aerospace defense work.
TRW Sales and profits of Aerospace Science and technology activities in 2000 :(
Digital battlefield system, flight control, satellite, laserAutomotive: (
Airbag, vehicle control, electric hydraulic brake, safety system)Sales: $17. 2 billion$6.
$2 billion in pre-tax income of $11 billion.
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