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the use of laser welded profiles in architecture

by:QUESTT     2020-05-12
Many profiles are eventually used as structural support for ceilings that need to support high stress levels in warehouses, airports and large structures.Profiles are eventually used in the machine manufacturing, petrochemical industry, or building facades.The unique ability to detect potential irregularities in the product makes the laser welding process a very effective way to manufacture key structures.Another benefit of laser welding includes the ability to produce precise edges and completely uniform surface structures.This is not possible with traditional steel products.As this process provides a higher level of fluency and uniformity, the architect began to use this technique.Any sediment on the steel is easily removed and the quality difference is obvious.In the past, steel was a crucial structural element for any building.Now, with this new technology, architects can gain more creativity and build beautiful structures that stand the test of time and look beautiful.The appearance of the building makes it possible for the architect to incorporate the new design of the building facade.The laser profile is ideal for its perfect angle and ability to withstand high levels of stress.Specially designed machines use pre-Enter the material of the machine in various positions.The laser then acts on the material and welds it into the desired profile shape.The length of the profile can be extended to 15 m.In addition, configuration files can be optimized according to their suggested application.The low stress distribution area can be produced with low strength steel, and high strength steel can be used in high stress area.High-The end stainless steel structure and design benefit from laser fusion by welding pre-welding capabilityPolished steel parts.Low-The water level penetration can be used to achieve a more refined and smaller structure.Architects use steel profiles to create eyesCatch Steel Curtain Wall, canopy, highEnd face finish.
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