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near infrared quantum cutting luminescence of er 3+ /tm 3+ ion pairs in a telluride glass

by:QUESTT     2020-04-15
Infrared, quantum clipping emission in Er/Tm3 co-
Telluride glass was studied.
We found it nearby. infrared 1800-
Nm luminous intensity (A)Er3+(8%)Tm3+(0. 5%)
: The glass of Telluride is about 4. 4 to 19.
5 times bigger (B)Tm3+(0. 5%)
: Telluride glass, about 5.
0 times larger ()C)Er3+(0. 5%)
: Glass made of Te.
In addition, the infrared excitation spectra of 1800 nm light-emitting, as well as the visible excitation spectra of 522 nm and 652 nm light-emitting, where (A)Er3+(8%)Tm3+(0. 5%)
: A very similar ion is an ER 3 Te glass (C)Er3+(0. 5%)
: Telluride glass, in relation to the shape of its excitation spectral waveform and peak wavelength.
Moreover, we found that there is a strong spectral overlap and energy transfer between the infrared light of the hand donor ions and the infrared absorption of the Tm3 receptor ions.
The efficiency of this energy transfer {4I13/2(Er3+)→u20094I15/2(Er3+), 3H6(Tm3+)→u20093F4(Tm3+)}
3 ~ About 69 between 3 ions. 8%.
So we can conclude that the observed behavior is an interesting multi-photon near
The phenomenon of infrared, quantum cutting light emission occurs in the new Er 3-Tm3+ ion pairs.
These findings are of great significance to the next development.
Environment-friendly germanium solar cells and nearto-mid infrared (1. 8–2. 0u2009μm)
Laser Pumped by GaN LEDs.
With the gradual depletion of fossil fuel energy and the increasing environmental pollution, the development of new energy has become crucial.
Solar energy is the most promising new energy.
However, for the current solar cells, the cost of photoelectric conversion is high and the efficiency is low.
This leads to a large difference between the significant potential of solar energy and its actual utilization.
By quantum cutting, high
Energy photons can be converted into many lowenergy photons.
Reducing losses in solar cells by changing the distribution of solar energy is a new method that can be used more effectively to generate solar energy.
Without changing the structure of the solar cell, it is possible to apply the quantum cutting method to all types of solar cells.
The ability of photovoltaic cells to turn sunlight into electricity makes them a major candidate for effective large photovoltaic cells
Scale capture and conversion of solar energy.
Green and Trupke initially put forward \"two-
\"Photon quantum cut silicon solar cells\" in 2002 \".
They reported that the maximum theoretical efficiency of the device was 38% and showed sensitivity to sunlight at wavelengths from 802nm to 100nm.
Major link and Vergeer first demonstrated ainfrared, two-
Photon quantum cutting YbYPO phenomenon: Tb fluorescent powder was reported on 2005.
Known visible quantum cutting experiments for Eu/Gd Systems.
Since 2007, including meijielink, Qiu, Zhou, Wang, Chen, Huang, Zou, Wang, Fedorov, Lu Jinna, Zhang, Xia, Hu, Guo and Song Tao, more than 200 articles have been published on the second time. order, near-
Infrared and quantum clipping luminous phenomena of sensitizersYb co-
Doping materials for the development of two
Photon quantum-cut silicon solar cells. Near-
Infrared Quantum cutting has become a hot topic in science and nature.
Recently, Hu and Hao, Li, song and other groups proved this point.
The quantum clipping effect can improve the actual photoelectric conversion efficiency of silicon-based solar cells.
Major link, Qiu and Zhou, Zhang, Huang, and our group reported on the first-
Order, multi-photon, near-
Infrared Quantum cutting in Er or Tm activator-
Ion-doping materials.
This improvement led to the first
Order, multi-photon quantum cutting germanium (Ge)
Silicon-ge (Si–Ge)
Solar cells are sensitive to the wavelength of 80-1850 nm and are environment-friendly.
Their maximum efficiency can be significantly higher than 38%.
On the other hand, near-
Infrared Quantum clipping can be in 1. 8–2. 0u2009μm near-to-
Mid-infrared laser
These types of lasers in Micro
Operation, tissue welding, ranging, remote sensing, environmental tracking
Application of gas detection and bio-physics.
A key factor contributed to the first-order near-
Infrared Quantum cutting compared to the secondorder methods.
Because there is no energy resonance between the donor and the recipient, the donor\'s energy is equal to twice the energy of the second donor. order near-
Infrared Quantum cutting, so it has only the second
Order process, but not the first-order process.
However, the first one
The order process is about 1000 times that of the second process.
The order process, as indicated by Meijerink.
Especially for the first one. order near-
Infrared multi-photon quantum cutting of Er or Tm ions, their cross-energy transmission is excellent first-
An orderly process with high oscillator strength and small energy mismatch.
So the first oneorder, near-
Infrared, multi-photon quantum cutting processes using Er or Tm activator have good prospects for high rate, high efficiency and different applications.
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