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Laser Systems Industry $7.1 Billion In 2011 Year Nothing To Sneeze At

by:QUESTT     2020-04-17
Laser cutting a little-
For small business owners and urban manufacturers, the known aspects of manufacturing are growing significantly.
$7 for 2011.
$1 billion and $7.
3 billion forecasts that sales across the laser industry will remain strong in 2012, especially in the economy.
Update/clarification: the laser system industry includes laser cutting, but the laser cutting machine is a smaller subset of the entire about $ laser industry.
The full report of the industrial laser manufacturing solution referenced below shows $7.
6 billion. global sales across the industry are expected to be $2012. 2B for 2011.
I was unable to access this report and updated it based on Mr. \'s emailBelforte.
In my opinion, laser is one of the coolest technologies on Earth.
Until recently, I thought they were basically only scientists, doctors (eye surgeries)
And other types of expertise.
The billions of dollars in this statistic are mostly made up of large systems from large manufacturers, but many manufacturers companies know the value of laser cutting machines or laser engravers.
They are much easier to get as part of the Epilog Laser project and have been lending us for a month.
We are using it to make things and learn a lot about laser cutting and engraving.
Earlier this month, we made many small boxes for Kitsap Mini Maker Faire and gave them to kids with our logo and website at the bottom.
We used 3mm of the fiber board (
Compressed sawdust (more or less)
And the effect is very good.
We held a workshop for regional teenagers to customize the design of various materials such as acrylic and mid-fiber boards.
For free apps we use, see more below.
The picture above is the legendary Mini 24;
Version 50 W.
This is a powerful machine.
Epilog Laser is a Colorado-based \"made in the United States\" manufacturer of desktop CO2 lasers and fiber mark (
Fiber Laser)lasers.
You can learn more about them on the epiloglaser. com.
One of the most popular users of Epilog Lasers is carpentry who wants to create an award or engraving business, but it is also used by signage companies, moms and pop trophy shops, government agencies and big companies.
More and more manufacturers and city manufacturers are buying these laser cutting machines, and they want to design and manufacture their own products.
If you have considered starting a small business, the demand for a service bureau is growing.
I only know one in my Seattle area and it is very popular: Metrix: create Space.
To meet the demand, they recently purchased a larger laser cutting machine.
The owner did a good job of educating the manufacturer what the laser might be.
If you are on Thingiverse or Ponoko, you have seen or downloaded project files that can be cut or engraved.
Although Thingiverse is more popular in the field of 3D printing, it offers many laser cutting and laser engraving projects.
What are the advantages of the laser system?
Let\'s say you have an Arduino micro-controller and you put a specific shield on it, but you don\'t want it in a cardboard box or mint can hacked.
You want something of wood or acrylic.
I suggest you use my favorite website to design the box for Rahulbotics.
This small app allows you to enter the size of the box/box and print or cut it outable PDF file.
Rahulbotics has a photo slide of other boxes created with free tools.
You then put the file into CorelDraw (
This is great, but you can use another drawing/CAD program like Inkscape-open source and free)
And send it to the laser cutter.
In the CorelDraw of the conclusion laser optimization.
David Belforte explained the growth of the laser industry in 2012 in one of the best summaries I found (or not)
In various fields of industrial laser solutions in manufacturing.
For small companies, laser cutting systems are becoming more and more popular and valued.
If you want to make a prototype of your own work, the laser cutting machine may be helpful.
If you don\'t want to buy one, you can either join a regional makerspace or pay a service bureau like Ponoko to do something for you.
If you have used a laser cutter or created a unique design with a laser cutter, please share some of your designs or stories.
I would love to hear it as I plan to share some of my experience with laser cutting in a short series this summer.
You can also follow me on Twitter and learn all kinds of news about manufacturers and inventors.
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