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Laser Metal Cutting

by:QUESTT     2020-06-18
Laser cutting is a high-tech modern technology.The role of the laser is to cut different shapes and forms on the required surface.Materials usually burn or melt, leaving highSurface quality.Since there is no direct contact between the laser and the surface in use, the level of accuracy and accuracy in the laser cutting process is much higher than the traditional method.Laser cutting is used to cut a wide variety of materials due to its accuracy and efficiency.Metal is one of these common applications.Metal has been widely used for many purposes since ancient times.From weapons and decorations to building and packaging materials, the importance of metals in our time --to-One day\'s life cannot be denied.Today, with the development of optical fiber and information technology, the role of metal is increasing.Since the traditional processing methods can no longer meet all these modern requirements, laser cutting is widely used in metal processing.In addition to the ordinary CO2 laser used in most processes, metal cutting uses three other processes, namely oxygen cutting, nitrogen cutting and sublimation cutting.Due to the reaction between metal and gas, the oxygen process generates more heat.The extra heat helps the cutting process.On the other hand, extra power is required when cutting metal using inert gas like nitrogen.Since the metal is a good conductor and reflector of heat, the intensity of the laser needs to be changed according to the nature of the metal.Guide the laser beam around the metal surface to get the desired shape.Compared with other processes such as plasma cutting, water cutting, laser metal cutting has several advantagesJet Cutting and flame cutting.Laser processing is not only faster than other methods, but also has unparalleled accuracy and quality.The chances of damage to the cut surface are also reduced.
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