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Laser Engraver/cutter

by:QUESTT     2020-06-20
This instruction is about the use of laser engraving machine/cutting machine.
What can you do with it?
Engrave something on a notebook, plastic, phone case, wallet, wood, cardboard and cut paper and foam.
Maximum engraving size: 38mm x 38mm with laser power of 300 mW.
The accuracy is very high and you can see it on the video above or on the next photo.
Here is the link you can buy: This kit can find everything you need to start carving.
All you need is a piece of paper, wood, plastic or leather.
What\'s inside? -laser engraver-allen key-
Usb power adaptersafety glasses! ! ! -instruction-
The microSD card with a programmed laser is very dangerous and don\'t look at it if there are no safety glasses.
Don\'t put your hands under the laser before you start carving, you need to remove all the transport foam and tape.
Move the head to the left and the table back.
Please tighten the screws if they are loose.
Here is the link to this program: is: 3477 or you can install it from the microSD card included in the kit.
This software includes all the drivers so you need to install it and you can start engraving/cutting.
It is very simple to use, and there are already some sample images.
At the top of it, you have two tabs-
Print pictures and NC senders.
Printing pictures is normally engraved.
NC sender is used for cutting and also for engraving. You can design some images for it by clicking create NC file.
After clicking, you will see that inkscape is a very good drawing program.
You can draw what you like and go to Path-
> Object to path, then extend-
> Laser engraving-> laser.
Set the speed and name of the file click apply and it will open automatically in the laser engraving program.
You can carve cardboard, wood, plastic, leather.
Also, you can engrave something on your phone case, pencil, toy.
For different materials, you need to check and set the burn time.
Since this laser is only 300 MW, you can\'t cut plywood or plastic.
But you can cut paper easily. not white)and foam.
Laser Engraving/cutting machine is a great tool and you can make something great and interesting, but keep in mind that the laser is very dangerous and you need to be very careful when using the laser.
Have fun.
Thanks for reading!
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