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How to Polish a stainless steel roller using Autosol

by:QUESTT     2020-07-09
Watch a video tutorial from poles to learn how to polish stainless steel rollers using Autosol.
In this polishing technique, we use Autosol metal polishing to polish the stainless steel roller.
This tutorial includes detailed work instructions and best practices.
Material: Autosol metal polishing in 3. 3 ounce (75 ml)
TubeNitrile glovesMicrofiber 33 clothAutosol metal polished. 3 ounce (750 ml)size can (optional)Application:1.
Apply the Autosol metal polish from the container to the fingertips of your nitrile gloves. 2.
Rub Poland evenly on the surface you want to polish and let it sit for a few minutes. 3.
Take a micro-fiber cloth and wipe off the Polish agent.
Flip the fabric to a clean place and buff to the desired gloss. 4.
Polishing leaves a layer of film that helps protect the rollers from corrosion.
This can be erased or washed off if you don\'t want it on the surface of the roller.
Autosol Poland is commonly used for polishing thermoforming molds, injection molds, blow molding molds, extrusion cooling rollers, etc.
Autosol has been in production since 1929, and manufacturers claim it has a life span of four times longer than other metal polishing agents.
Autosol cuts-
Increase machine running timetime.
This is the only mirror metal polish specially formulated for the plastic industry.
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