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how to engrave metal with acid

by:QUESTT     2020-08-05
Both industrial applications and artists use acid etching to make detailed designs engraved on metal or glass.
It is a strong acid used to cut the metal, leaving a detailed picture.
Generally, there are two ways to engrave metal with acid: metal acid etching and relief acid etching.
Etching with art metal, wax-
Like the form known as \"ground\", it was created by the artist and soaked in acid.
This form is placed on the metal to produce the design.
Etching with relief acid, wax-
Just like laying the shape on the metal, the whole metal is soaked in acid.
Relief results in the created design. .
Clean the metal by stripping off all the oil and chemicals.
Remove any organic impurities using an alkaline cleaner and remove any chemical residues using an acidic cleaner.
Apply a mask or \"ground\" on the entire surface of the metal for relief acid engraving.
The typical reason is wax.
Such as rubber (rubber)
Or plastic, paint, or tape.
Cutting design in place of metal cutting.
Remove the mask area where you want to etching the metal.
Apply the chemical acid to the area you want to etching.
This led to relief cuts.
In the case of etching the cut, the ground itself is the design, you immerse it in the acid and then lie on the top of the metal, causing the cut to be copied on the ground.
Different types of metals require different kinds of acid.
For steel, hydrogen chloride or nitric acid works best.
Sodium hydroxide is used for aluminum.
For stainless steel and copper, the effect of Iron Chloride or nitric acid is good.
After etching, the acid is stripped from the metal.
Clean and polish the metal and polish any irregularities in etching to achieve a uniform effect.
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