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how to differentiate between laser printers & inkjet printers

by:QUESTT     2020-07-24
You need a new printer, but you don\'t know whether to buy an inkjet or a laser printer because you don\'t know the difference between the two.
Every user or organization faces a dilemma when buying a new printer.
Most customers operate under strict budget constraints and it is normal to consider the initial purchase cost and space constraints.
However, it is prudent to consider the long-term impact
Term operating costs associated with a specific printer.
The choice of the printer depends to a large extent on your requirements.
For home users with limited demand for text and photo printing, inkjet printers are often ideal.
Laser printers are more suitable for large office environmentsLarge size-
Printing quality requirements.
The difference between the laser and the inkjet printer is usually divided into several broad parts, that is, the cost (
Initial and maintenance)
Speed, quality, space and networking facilities.
It is also important to understand the technology behind making laser dimmers and cartridges, as this is a major factor in cost.
Technical and network facilities differences between inkjet printers and laser printers
The technology used for inkjet cartridges is simpler and the parts are cheaper than the laser mixer.
Black Ink ink cartridges only black ink.
The color inkjet printer contains two main cartridges for black and other primary colors, respectively.
The primary colors are then divided into three compartments of cyan, magenta and yellow ink.
Therefore, the mixing of primary colors produces all other colors.
The cartridge contains a reservoir that has compartments with metal plates and some small nozzles on the print head of the cartridge.
The number of holes or nozzles depends on the resolution of the printer.
Usually 21-
128 nozzles per color.
When the current begins to flow through the metal plate, the ink is heated after the printing command is given.
Heat causes steam bubbles to form inside the cartridge to inflate the ink.
The ink then flows from the nozzle to the paper in a few milliseconds.
Create a vacuum (
Once the ink drops out)
This introduces more ink into the nozzle to ensure stable supply of droplets as needed.
This common technique is called hot ink jet technology, and the coin that Canon calls \"bubble jet\" is caused by bubble steam.
The laser dimmer uses a more sophisticated technology.
Laser printers, fax machines and copiers use a powder called Toner to print text and images on laser and photographic paper.
Toner was originally used, but now the manufacturer uses disposable cartridges and can sometimes be refilled.
For laser toners, a single carbon particle is mixed in a hot melt polymer.
This is combined with the fiber in the paper.
The laser printer consists of printer toner and drum.
The toner with positive electricity is attracted by the drum with negative electricity.
The toner is transmitted from the drum to the paper.
Toner contains special wax that melts and dries in milliseconds.
When the toner is transferred, fuser applies heat and pressure to make a lasting image.
The Fuser system is powered by heat-
Roll and back-up roller. The high-
The terminal laser printer is usually equipped with a network facility, and you can connect directly to the computer network.
This reduces the additional cost associated with the network, just like the ink printer.
The ink printer cannot be linked directly to the network.
Networking must go through the computer, so the cost is higher.
The size of the laser printer is larger than that of the inkjet printer.
Thus, the latter saves space and is ideal for home and small office users.
Quality and color difference of laser and inkjet printer
Since the inkjet printer spews tiny ink drops when printing, the resolution is lower than that of the laser printer.
Because of the higher resolution, the text quality of the laser printer is better.
High resolution also helps the laser printer to create accurate fonts without blurry edges.
However, cost
For cheap color printing, an effective inkjet printer is usually recommended.
These can print high-quality text, large photo prints, graphics, banners and greeting cards for less than half the price of a color laser printer.
Still, this should also be seen if the cost of ink and paper fits your maintenance budget.
Laser printers are able to produce high quality prints on a variety of print paper, but inkjet printers need inkjet print paper to produce high quality prints without creating any blurry edges due to \"fading.
Speed difference between ink and laser printer
If the laser printers are lost to inkjet printers due to price reasons, then they are far ahead in terms of printing speed.
Users who need a lot of printing also prefer laser printers.
Laser printers are more suitable for ordinary office use than ink spraying machines.
The cheapest laser printer can print about 10 to 15 pages per minute.
Inkjets are typically rated at the speed of draft or quick print mode, which is only for proofreading purposes.
The HP jet 5650 is a fast color inkjet printer that is printed in draft mode in 21 ppm black, 15 ppm colors.
However, when printing high quality black text, the speed will drop significantly and it will take longer to print the letters as well
Photo size quality.
Cost difference between ink and laser printer
The most important factor in determining printer selection is-cost.
There can be two costs. categories -
Initial and operational costs-
This eventually became the decisive factor for consumers to buy goods.
The initial cost of the inkjet printer is low, but the maintenance cost is higher compared to the initial purchase cost of the laser printer is high and the operating cost is low.
The price of a monochrome laser printer can be from $130 (e. g. Brother HL2040)
Over $3,000 (e. g.
HP Q3721A laser jet 9050)
The price range of color laser printers can be from $350 (e. g.
Samsung CLP 510)
Over $6,000 (e. g.
HP Q3717A Laserjet 5550hdn).
On the contrary, the cost of color inkjet printers is about $35 (e. g.
HP 9067A jet 3930)to $ 2,000 (e. g.
HP c77japan design jet 30nr).
However, the laser printer is a better choice for long-The office uses terminology.
They are designed to handle large volumes and have a higher ink or toner capacity.
If you print a large number of cartridges frequently, the cartridges need to be replaced frequently.
Although toner cartridges are more expensive than cartridges, there is almost no need to replace them.
This reduces the total cost per page.
Even on cheap paper, the output of the laser printer is good, and the inkjet printer needs a special inkjet paper sheet to get a high quality output, depending on the grade and type of paper used.
It is easy to buy cheap recycled or third-party ink or toner cartridges on the market, and the use of these inks or toner cartridges reduces maintenance costs to a large extent.
However, when producing high quality photos, you must be careful to purchase them and make sure that the use of them does not cancel your warranty.
Since the cartridges for some new inkjet printers contain computer chips, you may not be able to use recycled or third-party cartridges for that particular printer.
Keeping in mind the above factors, it is best to calculate the total cost of ownership before purchasing a printer.
The initial purchase cost for inkjet printers may be low, but the cost of consumables such as paper and ink may exceed your budget.
The ink spraying machine is slow and the printing quality is unstable.
When demanding high print quality, fast speed, large volume, low cost of long-term use, the laser printer is definitely a better choice.
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