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How Glowforge Reimagined Laser Tech to Break Crowdfunding Records

by:QUESTT     2020-06-24
If you are interested in the manufacturer\'s culture and even someone who is very familiar with the technology trends, you are 3-D printing.
The technology uses nozzles to lay material layers and make objects in the process of being called additive manufacturing.
It is used to make everything from aircraft engine parts and furniture to the whole building, and there are more and more strange items such as selfie statues.
But if you \'ve ever seen someone cut a toy whistle from a wood, or engrave a pattern on a belt, you also know that it\'s possible to make something by taking the material and adding it.
Now, imagine using 3-
Using a D printer with a laser instead of a nozzle, you already have the concept of subtraction manufacturing.
This is not a new idea, it is actually the earliest use of the laser for precision cutting dates and can actually be traced back to the medium term1960s.
But until recently, the machine had to cost tens of thousands of dollars, making it impossible for most craftsmen to use the technology.
But now, Seattle-
The Glowforge-based company is ready to change this.
Glowforge offers an innovative wireless laser cutting machine/carving knife that works with design software on a desktop computer, like 3-
Printers can, but they can also store plans and data in the cloud.
The price of the whole package may be only $2,400.
\"With Glowforge, you will put a piece of material such as leather, wood or acrylic in the machine and use laser to carve out your product,\" explains the company\'s website . \".
\"The technical name of the tool category, including Glowforge, is CNC laser cutting machine, but this is a bite, so we call it 3-Laser printer.
\"If you think it sounds like a cool gadget in your workshop, then many others have the same tendency.
In October 2015, Glowforge broke the crowdfunding record for a tech startup, raising $27 in less than 30 days.
Pre-900 million
Orders, including $2 million in less than 24 hours.
Since then, Glowforge has encountered some delays, which it says is due to the need for additional product testing.
Now, the company plans to ship its first machine in December 2016.
Steve Morris, a mechanical engineer and aerodynamics expert who designed a sailing boat for the Copa America race, now runs Catylator Makerspace in Silver Springs, Md, explaining, subtraction manufacturing with laser cutting machine is very different from 3D printing.
You don\'t necessarily use it for the same job, he said.
\"3D printing allows you to build three step by step-
\"Three dimensional objects,\" he said.
There are really two laser cutting machines. dimensional.
You start with materials and cuts.
Morris jokingly likened subtraction manufacturing to the old adage about sculpture, that is, David of Michele Angelo is already in a piece of marble, just waiting for the sculptor to release him.
But Morris says that the laser cutting machine can produce a ratio of 3-D printer.
This is because the laser printer can cut a few inches per thousand, which is much smaller than the amount of material that the 3D printer nozzle can spray.
Go to work.
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