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how do i stop the ink in my printer cartridges drying up?

by:QUESTT     2020-07-15
I have an inkjet printer that I rarely use, like a few pages per 4 months or so.
Since it is rarely used, the print head always needs to be cleaned before use, and I think the ink will dry as well.
This means I have to buy new cartridges a lot and the printing cost is too high.
Can you tell me what is a better printer to make things more economical?
By email, all moviegoers have encountered this problem, and the easiest way to avoid this problem is to print a few lines of text and a small text, there is a simple color graphic every few weeks.
On the printer that is indispensable to the print head and ink cartridge (
For example, most HP models)
, If you know you won\'t use it for a while, just remove the cartridges, modify the protective cover, and then put them in the air tight zipper
Don\'t lock the bag until you need to use it.
If you print documents mainly with a printer, then it may be better to use a low cost laser printer and the price starts below £ 50 online.
The print quality is usually better than inkjet, it is cheaper to run, and there is no problem with the dry print head.
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